Colorado Indrusties

  • Beverage

    The good in the beverage industry include drinks, beer, toursim.The impact on Colorado was that more tourists came to colorado to come and enjoy the breweries.The reason that this indrustry came to colorado was becouse of the brewing activties and the tourisim.You will need wheat, water, a brewer, tour guide, wood, metal, plastic, card board, glass, and tin.
  • Tourism

    The goods included are exercising, skiing, rafting, hiking, and camping.The impact on Colorado is that moutain towns and activties developed in Colorado.The reason that toursim came to Colorado is for the mountains,and natural recources.The natural resources you need to these things are,rafting instructors, snow, wood,metal, plastic, ski teacher, ski lifter, tourists, skis, paper, fire, paint, trees, tour guide.
  • Agricultre

    The services provided are food, vetch tables, farming, and jobs .The impact on Colorados economy is that it made Colorado famous for farming.The reason for coming to Colorado is that good land, animals, dirt.The resources needed are a plow, cows, animals, farmer, grass, barn, silo, dirt, wire, wheat, wood, metal, and rope.
  • Mining

    The goods provided for this indistry are gold , jobs, jewelery , silver , homes , and money.The impact on Colorado's economy was that this industry made money and provided many jobs and started small moutain towns .The reason mining came to Colorado was becouse of lots of gold rushes and place to try to mine for gold.The recorces needed are gold, silver, miner, cart, pick, moutains, money, metal, and wood.
  • Federal Agencies

    Federal Agencies
    The services provided are educating , training, inspire, and motivate.The impact on Colorados economy is that it made Colorados economy better by making small mountain towns.The reason for coming to Colorado is the population and the tourism.the resources needed are beds, trainer, students, parents, boots, rubber, wood, wire, electricty, grass, trees, offices,.
  • Medical

    The services provided are health, surgery, fitness, medicne, orthopedic, cancer treament, cardiac, and birth.The impact on Colorados economy is that it made lots of lifes better.The reason ofr coming to Colorado is that that there was not a good medical service in Colorado. The resources needed are doctors, nurses, shots, computers, beds, chairs, plastic, electricity, metal, and a ambulance.
  • Otter Box

    Otter Box
    The good provided are caces,phones,and wireless chargers.The impact on Colorado was that it brought jobs and people to colorado.The reason they came to clorado is becouse the owner decided to make a buisness and had lots of money.You would need plastic, wood, coustmers, electricy, phones, glass, a office, cash registers, salesman, money, paper.
  • Technolgy

    The good provided are computer ink, supplies, laptops, batteries, printer cartridge, storage station, printer, carrying cases, gps's.The impact on Colorados economy is that it made Colorados economy better by making more money.The reason for coming to Colorado is that a good place and many costmers.The resources needed are tools, energy, a owner, money, plastic, workers, paint, glass, and metal.
  • Sports

    The good provided are entertainment, exercise, publicity.The impact on Colorados econmy is that the sports in Colorado made it a more of a interesting place to visit .The reason for coming to Colorado is that there was talented men and women to play sports,also there was good collages with lots of students.The recources needed are a bat, hat, metal, paint, coach, players, food, plastic, foam, seats, cameras, and electricty.
  • Mining Today

    Mining Today
    The services provided are gold, silver, jewelry, jobs, stones, money, homes, tourism.The impact on Colorado's economy is that mining made small moutain towns and developed some of the tourisim.The reason that mining came to Coloradois for the mines , moutains, tourisim, gold and silver.The resourses needed are a cart, pick, miner, wood, metal, moutains, mine, people, money, paper.