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  • Iron Curtain Speech

    Iron Curtain Speech
    Winston Churchill delivers the speech in the United States. He is concerned about Soviet Aggression in Eastern Europe. The Iron Curtain is the division between Capitalist Western Europe and Communist Eastern Europe. He wanted America to take a bigger role in Soviet Aggression.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    The President Truman Doctrine had established that the U.S would provide political,military and economic assistance to all democratic nations. It was a Soviet foreign policy which stated purpose to counter American geopolitical expansion during the Cold War. It happened on March 12,1947 and it was also in Greece. Harry S.Truman pledged that the U.S. would help any nation to resist communism.
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    The Berlin Blockade was an attempt to in 1948 by the Soviet Union to limit the ability of France,Great Britain and the United States to travel their sectors of Berlin. It had happened in Berlin also in the West Side of Berlin. It was on June 24, 1948 and ended on May 12, 1949. The main cause was the Cold War which was just barely getting started. Also Stalin was taking over Eastern Europe by salami tactics and Czechoslovakia had just turned Communist.
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    The President and the United states were involved by giving military assistance to Greece and Turkey and also the newly formed United Nations gave humanitarian assistance as well. What had happened was the United States was givino economic assistance to help rebuild Western Economies. It happened in April 3, 1948. Why the Marshall Plan because it wanted to help recovery nations with economic recovery and to reduce the influence of communist parties within them.
  • Nato

    It was an international alliance which consisted 29 member states from North America and also Europe. It was established during a signing at North Atlantic Treaty
  • Communist take over China

    Communist take over China
    When Mao and the communistsoviet had taken over China in 1949, after decades of civil war the Japanese occupation, the country was in very bad shape. Railways, farms, roads, and also factories where in a shocking state if despair and also the treasury was bankrupt after its entire gold reserves were taken away by nationalists to Taiwan.
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    The Berlin blockade was one of the most international crisis of the cold war. Also all nations of post world war II Germany the soviet union blocked all of western allies railway, road, and canal access to the sectors of Berlin under western control.
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    It had happened in 1950-1953. The United Nations and the United States was also involved in the Korean War. The North Korean communist army had crossed the 38th parallel and had invaded South Korea which was a non-communist. It happened in Korea. How it happened was that the North Korean army was armed with the Soviet Union Tanks and it quickly had overran South Korea until the U.S had showed up to help South Korea.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    Countries that were involved were North Vietnam and South Vietnam and also the soviet union, china, United States, and many more. It was a conflict that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam and it's allies in South Vietnam was the United states. It had started in Nov 1, 1955 and ended on April 30, 1975. It had happened in South East China and in North and South Vietnam. It happened because the U.S feared communism would spread all over Asia.
  • Revolt in Hungary

    Revolt in Hungary
    Hungarian revolution, popular uprising in Hungary in 1956, which followed by a speech by the soviets leader Nikita Khrushchev in which he attacked the period of Joseph Stalins rule. On Nov 4 the soviet union had invaded Hungary to stop the revolution, and Nagy was executed for treason. It started on Oct 23, 1956 and ended on Nov 10, 1956. This all happened on Hungary and also the Hungarian people's Republic. The Hungarian people were against the ruling of communist party.
  • Sputnik

    The USSR, a group of scientists led by Mikhail Tikhonravov at the newly created NII-4 military Institute pioneered the work, whI checked would soon lead to the first Soviet artificial satellite. The signals had continued for 21 days then the transmitter batteries had ran out then soon the Sputnik had burned up on Jan 4 1958. It happened on Oct 4, 1957. It was launched from the base in the Kazakh Republic. It happened because when the Sputnik was successful it had came to a shock to the U.S.
  • Great leap forward

    Great leap forward
    The great leap forward of the people's Republic of China was an economic and a social campaign which was by the communist party of China. Chief changes in the rural Chinese which included the incremental introduction of mandatory agricultural civilization.
  • Apollo Program

    Apollo Program
    The Apollo Program, also known as Project Apollo, was the third United States human spaceflight program carried out by the NASA. The Saturn V rocket was used for moon landing missions and the first landing took place in 1969. It had happened in 1961. The Apollo program happened in the United States. The reason why the Apollo program happened because the six missions that landed on the moon had huge wealth of scientific data and almost 400 kilograms of lunar samples.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    The Cuban Missile Crisis was a time of heightened confrontation between the Soviet Union, the United States, and Cuba during the Cold War. The two came very close to a nuclear conflict. It happened Oct 16-28 1962. It happened in Cuba. It had happened when the Soviet Union (USSR) began building missiles sites in Cuba in 1962.
  • Cultural Revolution

    Cultural Revolution
    A Chinese Communist named Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution in order to reassert his authority over the Chinese Government. It was a sociopolitical movement that happened in China. It had happened in 1966 to 1976. It had happened in China. So that Mao Zedong can restore capitalism. He had insisted that revisionists be removed through violent class struggle.
  • Revolt in Czechoslovakia

    Revolt in Czechoslovakia
    On August 20 1968, the Soviet Union led Warsaw Pact troops in an invasion of Czechoslovakia to crack down on reformist trends on Prague. The people who were involved was the Soviet Union and Alexander Dubcek. It happened in Czechoslovakia and in Prague. The Communist Party would relinquish power and end one-party state this would happen in Nov 28. It had happened when conservative leader Antonin Novotny was ousted as the head of the communist party then was replaced by Alexander Dubeck.