Cold war

Cold War Top-6 Events

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    Cold War

  • USSR Atom Bomb

    USSR Atom Bomb
    In 1949 The Soviet Union created an atomic bomb, and successfully droped it and called it the "First Lightning." This caused the US to try ans make a better one called "Trinity," the first U.S. atomic explosion, This is what happened throughtout the Cold War the US and USSR kept making bombs trying to show eachother up.
  • Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance

    Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance
    This was treaty/alliance with China and The Soviet Union promising China trade arrangements and military protection in the case of resurgent Japanese military power. And vise-versa with the Soviet Union and China. This made China and the Soviet Union a huge power house for the spread of communism.
  • USSR Hydrogen Bomb

    USSR Hydrogen Bomb
    Soon after the US under Truman's presidency dropped and tested a Hydrogen bomb, a year later The USSR responded by creating their own Hydrogen Bomb. They dropped their bomb in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, which were there nuclear arsenals. Unlike the Atom bomb, the Hydrogen bomb was 20 times more powerful, destroying over 20 square miles of land
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    This was known as "The Pact of Mutual Assistance and Unified Command" signed by Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania. This also caused communistic governments to spread in each indiviual contry. This pact was used up until the fall of the Soveit Union in 1991.
  • SALT-1 Agreement

    SALT-1 Agreement
    This was the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty to curtail the build up of nuclear weapons between the USSR and the US. And this all led to Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty. This was the US and USSR agreeing to stop launching misslies and bombs. This led on for 7 years until the SALT-2 Agreement.
  • SALT-2 Agreement

    SALT-2 Agreement
    This was a revized version of the SALT-1 Agreement Made 7 years later. Because the USSR and the US changed War stratages and created newer missles with better accreacy and large Warheads, this led to the SALT-1 Agreement havint to be changed leading to the SALT-2 Agreement, But it never actually was signed it was only talked about known as START. But the orriginal SALT-1 treaty was never broken until the Fall of USSR.
  • Superpower Treaty

    Superpower Treaty
    This was an agreement between US an USSR similar to the SALT-1 and SALT-2 agreement, This was an agreement were boht sides agreed on getting rid of all the nuclear wepons. This also tied in with START and the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty.