Cold War to the Modern Day

  • Yalta Conference

    • Yalta - After Germany surrendered, meeting held by the Allies/winners(F,B,R,US) agree on division of Germany and Berlin (capital) into 4 zones of influence (French, Britain, America, Soviet) Germany will pay reparations, de-militarize, de-nazify Poland and other Eastern European nations will be allowed to have free & democratic elections (Before Japan surrenders) Stalin agrees to enter war against Japanese and agrees to join UN as a member of Security Council (veto power) Roosevelt gran
  • US Warsaw Pact

    USSR : Warsaw Pact - defense pact created between USSR and Eastern Europe
  • Final Conference of War

    • meet in final conference of war (Stalin, Churchill, Clement Atlee, Harry Truman new US pres.)
    • since Yalta, relations between Western and Soviets worsened
    • Truman had tough stance toward USSR US don’t need USSR in Japan anymore, since they gained stronger position after testing Atomic Bomb US + Britain openly argue with USSR about how to divide Germany, amount of reparations Germany had to pay, and Russian influence over countries in Eastern Europe.
  • US Truman Doctrine

    -states that US would provide support for countries that reject Communism) ex. $400 million to Greece & Turkey
  • Marshall Plan

    • US provided $12.5billion to help rebuild Western Europe
  • US - Policy of Containment

    US : begins policy of *Containmentforeign policy making sure Communism did not spread beyond where it already existed
  • Period: to

    Stalin's Blockade + US airlift

    • USSR : Stalin’s blockade - cut off supplies to West Berlin (controlled by France, US, UK) - US + allies : 11month airlift of supplies
  • Stalin lifts the blockade

    USSR : Stalin lifts the blockade, but starts to put up barbed wire and blockades between Eastern and Western Berlin US : US + her allies in Western Europe - mutual defense pact North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • Arms race - USSR test atomic bomb

    US and USSR starts an arms race USSR : 1949 - succeeds in testing an atomic bomb - US : promise to develop more powerful one, Hydrogen Bomb
  • African countries become Independent

    many African countries became independent from Europe but not ready
  • Period: to

    NK invades South using USSR weapons + supplies US

    North Korea invades South Korea using USSR weapons.
    - US/UN forces help SK and push NK back up - fearful of losing, Communist China commits 300,000 troops to NK and retake Seoul - US/UN push NK back to original border - After 3 years of fight, the border between SK and NK stays about the same
  • US tests Atomic bomb

    US : tests “H-Bomb” (powerful than the bomb used on Japan)
  • USSR tests atomic bomb

    - USSR : tests its own bomb in 1953
  • Space Race + USSR action

    Space race- USSR develops Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICMB) and launches world’s 1st satellite called “Sputnik”
  • Space race - US reaction

    US also launches its own 1st satellite.
  • Space Race - US - John Kennedy pledges to..

    US : Pres. John F. Kennedy pledges it will land man on moon and get him back by end of decade
  • Space Race - USSR action

    • USSR : sends 1st human into orbit (Yuri Gagarin)
  • Space Race continues

    US : sends up John Glenn
    USSR : sends a probe to Venus
  • Space Race- US action

    • US lands Neil Armstrong on moon
  • Period: to

    Gorbachev attempts to save USSR through reforms but ends up triggering its breakup

  • Berlin Wall falls + Decolonization

    Berlin Wall falls Germany reunites - End of Colonialism, New nations India gains independence and then splits (’47)Philippines from the US (’46???)Burma (’48), Malaysia (’57) & Singapore (’65)free from BritishIndonesia from the Dutch (’49)Conflict in the Middle EastIsrael and Arab confrontations (’47 to present)
  • End of Cold war

    end of Cold War collapse of USSR brought democratic reforms all over Eastern Europe by the early 1990’s
  • Former Soviet Republics move toward democracy

    As they move toward democracy, they also face several problems since democracy is a new system for most of them .

    -> Nuclear weapons spread sol. Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties