Cold War Timeline

  • Postdam Conference

    The Postdam Conference was for the nations to talk about peace and how they were going to go about rebuilding and constructing other countries. Everyone was too worried about how they would benefit and what they would get out of it and that built up some tension. United States then sent atomic bombs to Japan in 7-26-1955. This all resulted in a demand to make Postdam the last Allied Summit Conference.
  • Korean War

    North Korea with the Soviets help went to South Korea and attacked on the 38 parallel. The United Nations then began talking about what was gonna happen and the North declined. South Korea took it into their own hands with the help of the U.S they pushed the North back. China got angry because they were by all the fight and they helped the North push the South back. They finally ended it killing over 1,500,000 people and a border that separates North and South Korea.
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact was for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. At this time the Soviet and Eastern Europe made an alliance. They began putting troops and weapons throughout Europe.They wanted to make a strong defensive alliance in response to NATO. Anti-Soviet Union groups started getting bigger and got stronger.
  • Suez Crisis

    In 1956 Suez Crisis was legalized. It made it so America and Britain wouldn't have to finance Egypt's construction. They wanted control over the canal and the deporn nassar. This led to Israel not not getting freedom to use the canal.
  • Space Race/Sputnik

    The Soviet Union launched its first artificial satellite. This turned created a lot of cold war tension. This all happened because of the tension of arms race and cold war. Since all of this happened it caused the cuban missile crisis.
  • Cuban Missile Project

    THe leaders of U.S. and Soviet Union engaged in a 13 day political and military standing. Soviet Leader Nikita then offered to remove cuban missiles in exchange U.S not to invade Cuba.