Cold War Sulzbach P.4

  • Iron Curtain - Sulzbach

    Iron Curtain - Sulzbach
    Divided "Line" that shows what countries are independant and what countries are communists.
  • Containment - Sulzbach

    Containment - Sulzbach
    The United States attempts at preventing the spread of communism.
  • Truman Plan - Sulzbach

    Truman Plan - Sulzbach
    An international policy that gave Greece and Turkey military help to prevent the Soviet's taking over. This was a major part in starting the cold war. It showed the Soviet's that they didn't have as much power as they thought.
  • Apartheid - Sulzbach

    Apartheid - Sulzbach
    Racial segragation that was forced on the political party of south Africa. This made segregation seem acceptable for many years during the cold war.
  • Marshall Plan - Sulzbach

    Marshall Plan - Sulzbach
    An American system in which the U.S. gave funding and support to Europe after WWII. The goal of the U.S. was to rebuild European countries so that they could make descisions and not be weak.
  • Berlin Blockade - Sulzbach

    Berlin Blockade - Sulzbach
    The Soviet Union blocked off ways of getting goods to western cities. In order to get goods, Allies flew goods in to support them. The Soviet Union did this to gain control over Berlin.
  • Berlin Airlift - Sulzbach

    Berlin Airlift - Sulzbach
    Truman sent out airplanes with supplies for Berlin. The Soviet's had control over Berlin and allied groups set into action.
  • Domino theory - Sulzbach

    Domino theory - Sulzbach
    The domino theory is where countries fall to comunism one after another.
  • First Organ Transplant - Sulzbach

    First Organ Transplant - Sulzbach
    The first organ transplant was a kidney transplant. It was done on a 44 year old woman named Ruth Tucker. The transplant was successful and she recovered.
  • Korean War - Sulzbach

    Korean War - Sulzbach
    North Korea was fighting for the spread of communism and South Korea was defending a democracy type government. The battle lasted 3 years. The U.S. helped South Korea and provided more soldiers and support. A cease-fire agreement was set in place, but no treaty has been signed.
  • Color TV Introduced - Sulzbach

    Color TV Introduced - Sulzbach
    Color tv's and programs were introoduced. Colored tv's weren't very popular untill the 60's when the price was cheaper.
  • Polio Vaccine - Sulzbach

    Polio Vaccine - Sulzbach
    A vaccine for polio was created for Jonas Salk. He made a vaccine that prevented polio and this made polio very rare to get. This revolutionized treatment for other diseases.
  • First Hydrogen Bomb - Sulzbach

    First Hydrogen Bomb - Sulzbach
    The First hydrogen bomb was tested by the U.S. and was 1000 times more powerful than the regular nuke. This changed our outlook on thermonuclear war.
  • DNA Discovered - Sulzbach

    DNA Discovered - Sulzbach
    Watson and Crick discovered DNA. They discovered it at Cavendish Laboratory of Cambridge University. They found the basic structure for human life.
  • McDonalds Opens - Sulzbach

    McDonalds Opens - Sulzbach
    Dick and Mac McDonald started with the idea of fast food. They passed the idea with a man named Ray Kroc. Ray made the buisness grow and the idea of fast food revolutionized the resturaunt industry.
  • Disneyland Opens - Sulzbach

    Disneyland Opens - Sulzbach
    Disneyland opens to the public in 1955. Walt Disney said he loved taking his daughters to amusment parks and said that Disneyland would give other families the oportunity to have that same fun.
  • Vietnam War - Sulzbach

    Vietnam War - Sulzbach
    The war was faught between North Vietnam and China (Communists) and South Vietnam and the U.S. The war lasted 20 years and was a huge dent in the participating countries economies. The U.S. was involved because of our efforts in stoping the spread of communism.
  • Great Leap Forward - Sulzbach

    Great Leap Forward - Sulzbach
    China's campain to spread communism. China wanted to convert into communism in a 5 year span.
  • OPEC - Sulzbach

    OPEC - Sulzbach
    Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. This company controls the oil policies that are exported. This was to regulate a steady profit and a steady oil production to its custumers.
  • "Bay of Pigs" - Sulzbach

    "Bay of Pigs" - Sulzbach
    An unsuccessful attempt at invading Cuba.The invasion was planned to kill Fidel Castro. The mission was a failure and thus making Castro's political stand point stronger.
  • Tet Offensive - Sulzbach

    Tet Offensive - Sulzbach
    Military campain made by Viet Cong to hold fire from the U.S, and Vietnam. It was a short term treaty to cease attacks during the Tet Lunar New Year Celebrations.
  • Apollo 11 - Sulzbach

    Apollo 11 - Sulzbach
    Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon. He was onboard the Apollo 11 and the mission was very successful. America had finally gotten to the moon. This mission made space advancements progress extremely fast.
  • WoodStock - Sulzbach

    WoodStock - Sulzbach
    Woodstock was a festival of music. It was called 3 days of peace and music. Many artists played there. It was held in a feild next to Bethal, NY.
  • Beatles Break Up - Sulzbach

    Beatles Break Up - Sulzbach
    The famous band, The Beatles, broke up. Fans were heartbroken. It was official when one of the band members, Paul McCartney, said it in an interview.
  • Kent State Massacre - Sulzbach

    Kent State Massacre - Sulzbach
    At KSU in Kent, Ohio, national gaurd members open fire on college protestors about the vietnam war. Four students died and nine were wounded. The whole nation was shocked by the massacre. Schools were closed for many days.
  • Computer Floppy Disk Introduced - Sulzbach

    Computer Floppy Disk Introduced - Sulzbach
    In 1971, IBM made the 8-in. floppy disk. It is a small disk that contains data. The first disk held 100K of data.
  • Watergate - Sulzbach

    Watergate - Sulzbach
    Robbers were caught wiring phones in the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. It was supposedly connected to Nixons 2nd election. Nixon tried to cover it up with a bribe that canceled the investigation. Nixon then was forced to resign.
  • 1972 Olympics - Sulzbach

    1972 Olympics - Sulzbach
    11 Islamic athletes were killed by Palestinian Terrorists in the 1972 olympics. The olympics were held in Munich, Germany. Islamic people attending the games were either take hostage or killed.
  • Mircrosoft Founded - Sulzbach

    Mircrosoft Founded - Sulzbach
    Microsoft is an American company that makes software for computers. Software for personal computer's came in the mid-80's. Today, Microsoft is a major cooperation and is used on almost every computer. Mircrosoft was made by Bill Gates.
  • Star Wars - Sulzbach

    Star Wars - Sulzbach
    Star Wars is a very popular sci-fi movie and has multiple parts to it. Star Wars is still famous today. The creator of the films is George Lucas.
  • Camp David Accords - Sulzbach

    Camp David Accords - Sulzbach
    Peace treaty between Israel and Egypt and was signed at Camp David Retreat, U.S. This made peace between the countries and made communism spread slower.
  • The Walkman - Sulzbach

    The Walkman - Sulzbach
    The Walkman is a portable music player. It was made by Sony. It revolutionied portable devices. It allowed people to listen to music where ever they were.
  • Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini - Sulzbach

    Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini - Sulzbach
    He was a religious leader of the Islamic Republic. He was appointed supreme leader, which is the highest political rank.
  • Iran Hostage Situation - Sulzbach

    Iran Hostage Situation - Sulzbach
    60 hostages were held at an embassy in Tehran. Islamic people held Americans for 444 days and released them when Reagan became president.
  • Pac - Man - Sulzbach

    Pac - Man - Sulzbach
    Pac - Man is a very popular arcade game. It changed the way we thought of video games becuae most games were space shooters. It was developed by Namco.
  • Michael Jackson's Thriller - Sulzbach

    Michael Jackson's Thriller - Sulzbach
    Michael Jackson released the album "Thriller" and was and still is, a very famous album for having catchy and good songs. This made Michael's career skyrocket. Today, millions still listen to his music. Michael, unfortunately, has passed.
  • Perestroika & Glasnost - Sulzbach

    Perestroika & Glasnost - Sulzbach
    The Soviet Union is falling behind on technology and have inefficient factories. "Perestroika & Glasnost" mean "restructuring and openess." This had a huge effect and helped end the cold war, because of the Soviet's lack of modernization.
  • Tiananmen Square Massacre - Sulzbach

    Tiananmen Square Massacre - Sulzbach
    Troops opened fire on thousands of unarmed civilians. The troops had tanks and rifles. The civilins were protesting agains the military.
  • Hubble Space Telescope - Sulzbach

    Hubble Space Telescope - Sulzbach
    The Hubble Space Telescope was launched into space on April 24, 1990. The Hubble is still in use today and is used to observe different forms of light and matter. The Hubble isn't the first space telescope but it is one of the best.
  • Official End to the Cold War - Sulzbach

    Official End to the Cold War - Sulzbach
    Communism fell in Soviet Russia and thus called the end to the threats to surrouding countries and nuclear threats.
  • NAFTA - Sulzbach

    NAFTA - Sulzbach
    A trade agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement.