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Cold War

  • Russian Revolution

    Russian Revolution
    The Soviet Union before the revolution they were a capitalist country then they had a revolution. When Vladimir Lennen took over the Soviet Union became a communist country and the US opposed that idea.
  • Potsdam Conference

    Potsdam Conference
    This conference was about the control of Germany, post war boundaries, winning the war with Japan, Keeping peace with Europe, and the future of Europe
  • Atomic Bombs

    Atomic Bombs
    The Atomic bombs that were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were dropped because of Japan not surrendering after these were dropped Japan later Surrendered to the US
  • Iron Curtain

    Iron Curtain
    The iron curtain was a line separating communist Europe from allied control Europe
  • Molotov Plan

    Molotov Plan
    This plan was created by the Soviet Union to provide aid to rebuild the countries in Eastern Europe that were politically and economically aligned to the Soviet Union
  • Hollywood 10

    Hollywood 10
    The Hollywood 10 refused to answer questions regarding their communist affiliation, after serving prison time for contempt of court most were blacklisted from hollywood studios
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    The Truman doctrine helps support countries being taken over by communism by supplying them with everything they need to survive including 12 billion dollars to rebuild Europe.
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    The Marshall Plan helped support Western Europe. The US gave about 12 billion dollars in economic aid to Western Europe
  • Alger Hiss case

    Alger Hiss case
    Alger Hiss was convicted of perjury in 1948 for being a Soviet spy during WW2 and served 4 years in jail
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    The Berlin Blockade was Germany/Soviet Union blocking western allies blocking railroads, roads, and canals to access to Berlin
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    The Berlin AIrlift were allied planes bringing supplies to West Berlin (Over 300,000 planes in total)
  • NATO

    NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization and its a treaty between 29 states from North America and Europe
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    The Korean war all started by North Korea invading South Korea North Korea was backed up by China and the Soviet Union while South Korea was backed up by The United Nations
  • Rosenberg Trial

    Rosenberg Trial
    Some of the scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project were spies for the Soviet Union and passed on secret information to the Soviets. They were later executed for their actions
  • Army-Mccarthy Hearing

    Army-Mccarthy Hearing
    The Army McCarthy hearing was a series of hearings held by the senate. The hearing was about McCarthy and the US army. McCarthy declined in popularity.
  • Battle of Dien Bien Phu

    Battle of Dien Bien Phu
    This was a confrontation of the first Indochina war between the french and Viet Minh. This was to draw out Vietnamese and destroy them, The French were defeated.
  • Geneva Conference

    Geneva Conference
    This conference was among the several nations of Geneva. The purpose was to settle issues resulting from the Korean War. This ended with no declarations or proposals. The French Empire and South East Asia created the eventual state of Democratic North Vietnam and Republic South Vietnam. Splitting it into 2 nations
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    The Warsaw pact was signed in Poland among the Soviet Union and seven other Eastern Europe states. It was created in reaction to NATO which the allies created. It was movivated by the soviet Union trying to control their military forces in Eastern Europe.
  • Hungarian Revolution

    Hungarian Revolution
    This revolution was a revolt against the the communist Hungarian Republic and Soviet policies. It was the first major threat to the Soviet Union since WW2
  • Soviet Bomb Test

    Soviet Bomb Test
    The Soviet Bomb test was authorized by Joseph Stalin to develop nuclear weapons during WW2 to compete with the US
  • U2 Incident

    U2 Incident
    A US plane was shot down by Soviet defense forces while in Soviet territory Gary Powers (The pilot) was captured by Soviet Forces. The US had to admit to the missions purpose.
  • Bay of pigs invasion

    Bay of pigs invasion
    This was a failed invasion of Cuba by the CIA. They were sent to over throw the communist government ran by Fidel Castro. The CIA was defeated by Cuban forces.
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    This wall divided Western and Eastern Berlin. It was constructed by Democratic Germany. The barrier had guard towers that had anti vehicle trenches.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    This was a 13 day confrontation between the US and Soviet Union. It was started by a ballistic missile deployed in Italy and Turkey. The Soviet Union also had a missile deployment in Cuba
  • Assasination of Diem

    Assasination of Diem
    The South Vietnamese President was captured and assassinated. The Diem Regime had been low. It exploded with Buddhist protest against long standing religious discrimination after government shooting of protesters
  • Assasination of JFK

    Assasination of JFK
    John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the united states, was assasinated while in a presidential parade through deasly palace in Dallas, Texas.
  • Tonkin Gulf Resolution

    Tonkin Gulf Resolution
    It was the resolution that was created to prevent incidents similar to the Gulf of Tonkin incident. It was significant because it gave Johnson the ability to have war without a proper declaration
  • Operation Rolling Thunder

    Operation Rolling Thunder
    Operation Rolling Thunder was the largest bombing in history with continued bombing from march to November. It was significant because the bombing was unsuccessful
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    The Tet Offensive was a series of surprise attacks by the Vietcong. It was the largest military campaign launched by Vietcong. It was significant because the attacks where unexpected and the media saw it as a military loss
  • Assasination of MLK

    Assasination of MLK
    Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. King was the leader of the non violent group of Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). This shocked the nation as people viewed King as a public figure
  • Assassination of RFK

    Assassination of RFK
    The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy happened past midnight after he had been selected to be the representing candidate for presidency. It was significant because it lowered troop moral in Vietnam
  • Invasion of Czechoslovakia

    Invasion of Czechoslovakia
    Invasion of Czechoslovakia was a joint invasion of the Warsaw Pact general invasion of the Soviet Union, Poland, Bulgaria, East Germany and Hungary. It was significant because it was more territory lost to communism
  • Election of Nixon

    Election of Nixon
    Former Vice President Richard Nixon was the 46th president of the United States. He defeated the democratic nominee Hubert Humphrey
  • Kent State

    Kent State
    The Kent State shooting was a shooting upon unarmed students who were protesting against war. It was significant because people were losing support for the Vietnam war
  • Kent State

    Kent State
    The Kent State shooting was a shooting where the Coast Guard open fired on a crowd of students protesting the Vietnam war. Four students were killed and nine were injured
  • Nixon Visits China

    Nixon travels to China to try to find peace with the communist People’s Republic of China (PRC) for a week of talks. Nixon’s historic visit began the slow process of the re-establishing diplomatic relations between the United States and communist China
  • Ceasefire in Vietnam

    Ceasefire in Vietnam
    The ceasefire in Vietnam was a removal of all aerial attacks upon Vietcong. It marked the coming end to the Vietnam war.
  • Fall of Saigon

    Fall of Saigon
    On April 30, 1975, Communist North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces captured the South Vietnamese capital of Saigon, forcing South Vietnam to surrender and bringing about an end to the Vietnam War
  • Reagan elected

    Reagan elected
    President Ronald Reagan was elected after Nixon ended his term. It was significant because Reagan would bring the cold war to a end.
  • Tear down this wall speach

    This was the first time Reagan addressed the Berlin Wall. He asked the Soviets why the wall was there and asked the people responsible for the wall to remove.
  • SDI announced

    SDI also known as star wars was a defense mechanism that would shoot nuclear bombs out of the air. This was not scientifically possible at the time but put fear into the Soviets
  • Geneva Conference with Gorbachev

    The conference with Reagan and Gorbachev was held at the Geneva summit. It was the first time The U.S. and Soviet leaders had met in 8 years.
  • Fall of Berlin Wall

    The fall of the Berlin wall was the end of the cold war were east and west Germany could join together for the first time since they split