Cold War Crisis - Ricardo T and Sevastian V.

By Ithayla
  • The Warsaw Uprising

    The Warsaw Uprising
    A violent revolt against the occupying Nazi forces in Warsaw Polland, was about to begin. Warsaw were oppressed for many years and they had it. They had to fight the Nazis and the Soviet Union. The Soviets were supposed to be allies, but they didn't help. They were betrayed. The United States and United Kingdom, their other allies, were too far away so the people of Warsaw had to fight on their own.
  • the opening of a second front

    the opening of a second front
    The opening of the second front by the United States when they invaded Normandy in France saved the lives of Soviet soldiers on the Eastern front.
  • the role of the Red Army in Eastern Europe

    the role of the Red Army in Eastern Europe
    Between June 1944 and May 9, 1945, the Red Army helped to bring down the Nazi's and liberate Eastern Europe
  • the dropping of the A bomb on Hiroshima

    the dropping of the A bomb on Hiroshima
    When the U.S. dropped the bomb on Japan, it not only forced Japan to surrender, it showed the Soviet Union just how strong the United States military was.
  • Kennan's 'Long Telegram'

    Kennan's 'Long Telegram'
    Kennan's long telegram caused a lot of policy issues that for the next 25 years. This changed the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan.
  • Soviet actions in Iran

    Soviet actions in Iran
    After Britain left Iran, the Soviet Union stayed behind even though they were supposed to leave by March 2, 1946. Iran asked the UN to help, but they did nothing. The reason was to control the port of the Caspian Sea for their military.
  • Churchill's Fulton Speech

    Churchill's Fulton Speech
    Churchill's Iron Curtain speech and warned the Americans of the danger of Soviet expansion. He said that an "iron curtain" had descended across Europe, from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic.
  • Salami tactics

    Salami tactics
    It was a military tactic where the Red Army would cut down the German's a little at a time. Between 1945 to 1949 the Soviet Union used the salami tactics to take over Eastern Europe.
  • Growth of communist support in Italy and France

    Growth of communist support in Italy and France
    Between 1935 and 1945, communism in Italy regrew from 5,000 to 2 million. Communism in France grew from 300,000 to 1 million. The French Communist Party and the Italian Communist Party were two of the largest communist parties in the world after World War 2. A communist revolt with the help from the United Kingdom and United States defeated communism and was outlawed in 1949.
  • Greek civil war

    Greek civil war
    The Communist army in Greece was led by a man named Markos Vafiadis. He organized the army in the mountains and forced the local villagers to join it. Markos received help from the Communist regimes in Yugoslavia, Albania, and Bulgaria, while the Greek government received help from the Americans. The Communists themselves complained that Moscow was not supporting them enough. The communist rebellion ended in 1949 with the help of the United States supplies to the Greek army.
  • the issue of Germany

    the issue of Germany
    The Berlin wall came up by 1953 and the people of Germany were not happy that their country was divided between USA, the Soviet Union, Britain, and France.