Cold War

  • Roosevlet wants to diplomatic relatons with USSR (late 1933)

    Roosevelt wanted to combine the socialist and capatalist aspects of oth nations to try and defeat Hitler(
  • Period: to

    Cold War timeline

    This timeline includes important events of the Cold War in relevance to my paper
  • Hiter and Stalin sign Nonagression pact.

    Russia and Germany sign a non agression pact. Americans become angry with the USSR. People begin to associate Communism with fascism.
  • Soviet Russia attacks Finland

    The attack on Finland by Russia outrages Americans. The reason Russia attacked Finland because they refused the Soviet's demand for more territory and military bases.
  • Hitler invades Russia

    Hitler invades Russia despit ethe nonagression pact, to gain more land.
  • Atlantic Charter

    Agreements made by FDR and Winston Churchill about some principles that the world was to abide by.
  • Hitler declares war on the US

    Roughly only a few days after Pearl Harbor, Hitler declares war on the United States.
  • GI bill passed

    The GI bill which gave more oppportunites to soliders back from the war are given more benefits.
  • Yatla Conference Begins

    The Conference between Soviet Russia, America and Britian begins.
  • Truman becomes President

    Truman becomes president after Roosevelt dies.
  • Roosevelt passes away

    Roosevelt passes away ending his presidency
  • Soviet Union struggles agriculturally

    Grain harvest sinks to 39.6 million tons when it was 95.5 originally.
  • George F. Kennan's "Long Telegram"

    George Kennan's analysis of foreign policy.
  • Speech by Secretary of State James Byrnes on Germany.

    The speech by James Byrnes on Germany.
  • Henry Wallace's speech in NYC.

    Henry Wallace's speech expresses his communist symphathizer vies.
  • George Kennan writes analysis later to enter in Foreign Affairs

    This article published in 1946 talks about the polcy of containent. This policy was to contain Soviet pressure against other free parts of the world. It was mainly to slow down soviet threats
  • Americans for Democratic Action created.

    Development that made sure that Commmunists or communist sympathiers were given the properr treatment.
  • Greece and Turkey

    In 1947, the issue of providing aid to greece and turkey arose when the British government delivered the news that they could no longer financially support these two nations.
  • Truman Doctrine speech

    The truman doctrine speech was the first time that Truman really said anything against Russia. This is a very big turning point.
  • Executive Order No. 9835

    This executive order created loyalty boards within federal gency to make sure that no employee was a threat to security.
  • Marshall plan

    George C. Marshall annouces Marshall plan.
  • Taft- Hartley Act enacted

    Act created to reduce the power of labor unions.
  • Truman introduces Fair Deal

    The proposal made to Congres to extend the New Deal. It increased the minimum wage, social security was extended to more people, and more housing projects.
  • ELECTION of 1948*

    Very important event during 1948. Political candidates:
    Southern Democrats (Dixiecrats led by J. Strom Thurmond)
    Republicans- NY governor Thomas E Dewey.
    Republicans thought that they had the better chance at winning. But Truman made a suprising win after his outstanding campagin
  • Berlin airlift

    Berlin's acess to supplies are cut off. Truman agrees that support to Berlin is necessary. Thus, and airlift is performed to deliver supplies.
  • European Revovery Act (Marshall Plan) approved.

    The Marshall plan is approved by Congress.
  • Nato Created

    Nato is formed.
  • Korean War begins

    The Korean War begins making the "Cold War Hot"
  • Army-McCarthy hearings

    Between April and June of 1954, Sen McCarthy, an extreme advocate for anticommunism in the US, went after the army and was tried for doing so. The famous quote from these hearings: "Have you left no sense of decency?" from the army's lawyer
  • Sputnik launched

    Russia launches a satallite and causes concern among Americans fearing that they weren't up to date with technology
  • U-2 plane shot down

    Soviet Russia shoots down the US U-2 spy plane.
  • Cuban missile crisis

    Cuban missile crisis begins.