cold war

  • united nations

    The United Nations were first used to replace the League of Nations. The main uses of the UN was to keep peace worldwide, stop war, and help in solving international economic, social and humanitarian problems. It was created during the Cold War and was deemed an international organization. One of its many jobs was to help Truman in the Korean War.
  • iron currtain

    The Iron Curtain was a way of saying that Eastern Europe was divided. At first Soviets refused to make any stronger commitments to uphold the Declaration of Liberated Europe. But the Iron curtain didn't challenge that, it just separated the communist nations. This caused fighting with the United States and the Communist countries or Satellite nations.
  • korean war

    Korean War Communism soon spread to Korea but not all of it. the South being Anti-communist and the North being communist. The whole reason for the war starting was because the North wanted all of Korea to be unified but the South didn't want to be communist.
  • veitnam

    The Vietnam War was much like the Korean War. North Vietnam was communist nation while South Vietnam was anti-communist. The North wanted the country to be a whole again but the South didn't want to give into communism
  • the space race

    The Space Race was a competition between The Soviet Union and The United States. When the Soviet's sent up Sputnik it got the U.S's attention. Kedney thought that since the Soviet's sent up Sputnik it might make people believe communism is better. In turn this made Kennedy create NASA.
  • bay of pigs

    The Bay of Pigs Invasion was on Cuba. It was started by Fidel Castro who overthrown the Cuban dictator. Fidel then allied with the Soviets. So when the Cuban's landed on the Bay of Pigs the U.S tried to attack. Almost all the forces sent there were killed or captured by the end.
  • cuban missle crisis

    The Cuban Missile Crisis started when America found out Soviet supplies had arrived in Cuba. There were also missiles sent there which posed a threat to the U.S. Kennedy ordered that a naval blockade be built to stop the delivery of missiles. The Soviet's were angry but offered a deal. If they removed their missiles than America wouldn't invade Cuba and would covertly remove their Turkish missiles.