Cold War

  • Nato

    In 1949 Canada and ten other Countries had formed a new kind of military alliance called the north Atlantic Treaty Organization. The north Atlantic Pleaged to help one another if they were being attacked.
  • Nuclear Arms

    Nuclear Arms
    By 1949 the Soviet Unoin had developed nuclear weapons. By 1953 both sides developed hydrogen bombs, which are much more destructive than atomic bombs.
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    In 1950 waest Berlin had become a showcase for the west Germany Prosperity. Then in 1961 East Germany had built a Wall so that it could stop the fight. The wall was patrolled by guards.
  • Korean Conflict

    Korean Conflict
    Korea was an independent Kindom until Japan conquerd it in the early twentieth centry. Ruler on north Korea Kim Sung became a communist ally of the Soviet Union.
  • Soviet Union falls

    Soviet Union falls
    Stalins Soviet Union emerged from WWll as a superpower with an eastern European shpere of influence streching from the baltic to the balkans. Both sides had maintained large military budgets and built expensive nuclear weapons.
  • Cuba Missle Crisis

    Cuba Missle Crisis
    The Soviet Union sent Nuclaer warheads to be stroed on cuba 90 miles of the coast of the United States. When the U.S. found out about this they formed a blockade of Cuba.
  • Vietnam Conflict

    Vietnam Conflict
    On august 1st 1964 south Vietnamese commandos conducted raids on north Vietnamese in the Gulf of Tonkin. The United States was only sending supplies and military advisors then they sent thousands of troops to fight. Ho Chi Mihn remained determined to unite Vietnam under communist rule. Communist rebels trying to overthrow Vietnam's Government
  • Soviets in Afghanistan

    Soviets in Afghanistan
    In 1979 the Soviet Union was in a long war with Afghanistan because the muslim conservitaives charged that both polotics threatened Islamic tradition. The warlords took up arms against the government.
  • Eastern european Independance

    Eastern european Independance
    Eastern Europeans were starting to seek better freedom in their own countries. revolts had started in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Hungary remains loyal the Warsaw Pact and maintained Political control