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Cold War

  • Ayatollah Khomeini

    Ayatollah Khomeini
    Iranian Religious Leader. he lead the overthrow of Mohammad Reza. Folowing the revolution he became the Supreme Leader
  • Marshal Plan

    Marshal Plan
    this was a american program to help europe. it gave them economic aid to help europe rebuild the economies. this was also in effort to prevent communism from spreading.
  • Air Raid on Neurenburg

    Air Raid on Neurenburg
    Germans saw Neurenburg as a city filled with German pride and history. Allied Forces sent in bombings of the city. By the end of the war 90% of the city was burned and destroyed
  • Iron Curtain

    Iron Curtain
    Physical boundary that divided into two seperate area known and the line between them is the iron curtain. this was established by the Svoiet Union to seperate themselves from the European allies. on one side their were countries infiluenced by the Soviet Union and the other were infunced by themselves.
  • Heinrich Himmler Is Captured

    Heinrich Himmler Is Captured
    He was a military Commander and a leader in the Nazi Party. When he knew that the war was lost he went into hiding. He was captured by the British and then he commited suicide.
  • Containment

    U.S policy to stop the spread of communism. Truman started the NATO defense pact. It was an attempt to stop. During WW2 Soviet Union and the U.S. were allies but as time went on they were both the two global powers. U.S tried to stopped the influnece of communism in asia and in other parts of the world.
  • Truman Plan

    Truman Plan
    His speech told all of the U.S. that it was americas duty to interfere with the growing of the USSR and comunism. it also supported greece and turky with military aid to stop them from falling to the Soviet Union. It was also the start of the Cold War.
  • Battle For Jerusalem

    Battle For Jerusalem
    It 1st started when the arab and jewish population fought over the cities control with the Jordinians and the Isreali. Both sides bobmed each other and fought in the streets. During the 1st truce the UN supported them by giving them food weapons and supplies
  • Apartheid

    thiswas a type of segragation enforced by the NP government. The National Party was the ruler of South Africa. this was developed after WW2. This started when South Africa was under control of Dutch and Great Britian.
  • Death of Palmiro Togliatti

    Death of Palmiro Togliatti
    He was a leader of the Italain communist party. He would travel to the Soviet Union to support the elections. During his time there he died of cerebral hemphorage
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    This was the Soviet Unions attempt to limit the ability of France and Great Britian to travel to thier sectors in Berlin by canals and railways. This Stopped supplies from going into Berlin. The Soviet Union thought that this would allow them to capture Berlin by force.
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    The Soviet Union blocked off all excess to Berlin which stopped all supplies from going into Berlin. The Soviet Union tried taking Berlin this way. The U.S responded by sending planes over Berlin dropping supplies.
  • Soviet Union detonates 1st hydrogen bomb

    Soviet Union detonates 1st hydrogen bomb
    The Soviets research began as soon as they heard that the U.S. and other countries were developing new bombs. This program was started by Stalin who was a communist leader at that time. they detonated thier 1st succesfful one in 1949 putting the world in a state of alert.
  • Domino Theory

    Domino Theory
    It was formed by the U.S.. It stated that if one coutry fell under communism then the rest would follow thus creating the domino thoery. The U.S. used this to give the people a reason to intervene in the War.
  • Construction of the Hydrogen Bomb

    Construction of the Hydrogen Bomb
    in 1949 they announced that a huge bomb was detonated in the Soviet Union. America was starting to construct a "super bomb". Truman siad that he was being forced by the military but his decision was saying otherwise.
  • China and Soviet 3 year Treaty

    China and Soviet 3 year Treaty
    After the Nationalist Civil war China Needed support from te Soviet Union. Mao went to Russia to celebrate Stalins 70th birthday and to negotiate a treaty. This treaty was signed during his time there
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    This was a war between South Korea and North Korea. South Korea was supported by the U.S. and North Korea was supported by China. They were splir between the 38th parralell. North Korea was communist and South Korea was a right-winged government. series of battles were fought between them and finally the came to a rest.
  • Stalin Death

    Stalin Death
    He was a communist of the Soviet Union. He was also a leader of the De Factor. After his death he is suceeded by Georgi Malenkov.
  • Emmit Till Murder

    Emmit Till Murder
    Emmit was a 14 year old boy. He was kidnapped in the middle of the night for whistling at a white girl. They found him dead by the river a few days later.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    This war was fought between South Vietnam and North Vietnam. South Vietnam was Anti-Communist abd supported tby the U.S. and North Vietnam was Anti-Capitalist. The LIghtly armed South Vietnam soldiers headed north fighting communist in the area.
  • Elvis 1st t.v. appearence

    Elvis 1st t.v. appearence
    He was an american actor and singer. he was often refered to the king of rock. He was broadcasted on the Dorsey Bros stage Show. He died of a heart attack at a young age
  • MLKJ home Bombed

    MLKJ home Bombed
    He was appointed leader of the MIA. During one of his speaches he heard the news and left to take a look. When he got there his house was sorrounded by armed black people.
  • Publishing of The Cat In the Hat.

    Publishing of The Cat In the Hat.
    This book is about a mischevious cat who causes trouble to two children. he wears a tall striped red and white hat and a red bow tie. this book was published as a begginer book.
  • Great Leap Foward

    Great Leap Foward
    this was an economic campaign of the Commist Party in China. this was the use of Chinas population to change its government from a agrarian government to a modern communist society. the Great Leap crashed and burned in the end leading to millions of deaths.
  • NASA Founded

    NASA Founded
    this was formed in response the Sputnick launch. they almost immediatly started working on human space flght. they sent apollo 11 to see if humans can survive in space.
  • Lasers invented

    Lasers invented
    lasers emmit light through optical amplification. lasers are used for everything from DVD readers and just to point things out. They have also been used for medical use.
  • Spy Plane Shoot Down

    Spy Plane Shoot Down
    The Soviet Union Shoots down a U.S spy plane. at 1st the U.S denied the planes purpose and reason of being there. After the shoot down the pilot survived and the scraps were recovered.
  • 1st manned orbital flight

    1st manned orbital flight
    Launched on April 12 this was the 1st manned flight in the world. this had Yuri inside of it. this program and spaceship was built by the russian space program.
  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    Unsuccessful military invasion of Cuba. The U.S formed a military group to overthrow Fidel Castro. They launched in Guatemala and were defeated by the Cuban armed forces.
  • Marilyn Monroe's death

    Marilyn Monroe's death
    She was an acttress, singer, and a model. Her final years of her life were filled with illness and personal problems. She died of an overdose but some officials claim it was a suicide.
  • Cuban missle crisis

    Cuban missle crisis
    After the fail at the Bay of Pigs Nikita decided the idea of placing missles in cuba. The Missle sites were built in secret after an agreement. After the U.S discovered that missles were being buiilt they demanded that they take them down
  • Ban of atmospereic Bombs.

    Ban of atmospereic Bombs.
    The U.S. , British, and the Soviet Union agrred on not using atmospheric nulcear bombs. these bombs cause massive destrction in the air and make the area uninhabitable. All 3 of them scapped them all and rendered them useless.
  • Malcom X assasinated

    Malcom X assasinated
    He was a muslim minister and human rights activist. he was condisdered one of the most infulencial human righs leader. he later was assasinated by 3 men.
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    a miliray campaign during the Vietnam War. These were suprise attacks on South Vietnam. These attacks happned when no attacks were supposed to happen.
  • OPEC

    Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, their job is to organize the policies of oil-producing countries. OPEC was formed when international oil market was largely separated from planned economies and controlled by multinational companies. In 1973 during the Yom Kippur War OPEC added the selling of oil for social economic growth for the poorer nations.
  • 1972 Olympics

    1972 Olympics
    11 members of the Isreali olympic team were taken hostage. Shortly after the attack they demanded that they relase 234 prisoners and the relase of the GRAF leaders. During the Rescue only 3 attackers were captured.
  • Water Gate

    Water Gate
    Political Scandal in the U.S.. Result of the Break in of the Democratic National Commitee. This Lead to the Resignition of President NIxon.
  • Camp David Accords

    Camp David Accords
    Signed by the Egyptian President and the Isrealit Prime Minister. These were Treaties signed for a peace treaty between Egypt and and Isreal. The first Framework was the one with most difficulties.
  • Perestroika and Glasnost.

    Perestroika and Glasnost.
    Mikhail Gorbachev's words for renovation of the Soviet political body. These words were nothing new to the Societ Union people because Stalin used them offten. Both of these words can be found in his speeches.
  • Nuclear Power Plant Explosion

    Nuclear Power Plant Explosion
    An explosion in reacter 4 was the biggest in history. it left the area ininhabitable for the next 500 years. the radiation area was the size of New York.
  • Iron Gate Hostage

    Iron Gate Hostage
    Senior administrations officials secretly sold weapons to Iran. Some thought that this was going to help release the hostages that were captured the Iran. They sold missles like the Hawk and TOW.
  • Tiananmen Square Protest

    Tiananmen Square Protest
    Tiananmen Square Protest was a response to the PRC. the PRC thought about stopping them by discussing but they decided to use milatary force. Mant students were killed in the process and led to a massacre.

    This was an agreement signed by U.S.A, Mexico, and Canada. This Created a trade bloc between these 3. it outdated the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement.