cody's cold war

  • truman suddenly became president after the death of roosevelt

    truman suddenly became president after the death of roosevelt
  • Period: to

    cold war

  • $400 million

    $400 million
    truman asked congress for $400 million in economic and milatary aid for greese and turkey.
  • N.A.T.O

    Nato group created to protect countries from the soviet union.
  • Period: to

    korean war

  • Mac arthur counterattack

    Mac arthur counterattack
    Americans ran a supprise attack on inchon korea. About half the korean force surrendered the rest ran for the 38th parralel. This was done in an attempt control the war so it did not spread to china or the soviet.
  • macarthur

    Truman firred macarthur because of disagrements about nuclear warfare
  • Stalin's death

    Stalin's death
  • First H-bomb

    First H-bomb
    H bomb testthe first hydrogen bomb was tested in the pacific
  • west germany

    west germany
    west germany was allowed to rearm and join nato, this made the soviets fearfull
  • Hungrian uprising

    Hungrian uprising
    soviet tanks invadee hungary and killed about 30,000 hungarians. the hungians had only pistols and bottles.
  • sputnik

    soviets launched the sputnik the worlds first artificial satellite. this satellite circles the earth every 96 minutes moving at 18,000 mph. This was a big step for the soviets because they were trying to beat the U.S on everything.
  • bay of pigs

    bay of pigs
    1,300 to 1,500 cuban exiles supported by the U.S milatary landed on the islands southern coast at bahia de cochinos.
  • Period: to

    vietnam war

  • Kenedy was assinated

    Kenedy was assinated
    kenady was assisinated by lee harvey oswald.
  • oswald was killed

    oswald was killed
    assisination of lee harvey owswaldoswald Kenadys assasin was killed by jack ruby during a transfer. many think this was a concpericy because if you watch the video you can see many diferent ways of looking at how it went down
  • jimmy carter was elected for president

    jimmy carter was elected for president