Cobra Event Tmeline

  • Bio Terrorism #1

    Bio Terrorism #1
    French used tear gas to force back the Gremans
  • BioTerrorism Attack #2

    BioTerrorism Attack #2
    Poisoned livestock.
  • BioTerrorism Attack #3

    BioTerrorism Attack #3
    Mustard gas first used in WW1
  • BioTerrorism Attack #4

    BioTerrorism Attack #4
    Japanese scientists used scores of human subjects to test the lethality of various disease agents, including anthrax, cholera, typhoid, and plague.
  • BioTerrorism Attack #5

    BioTerrorism Attack #5
    Plauge infested flea bags dropped in Japan.
  • Snap Inspection

    Snap Inspection
    In Iraq, Mark Littleberry, UNSCOM (United Nation Special Commission)Biological Weapons Inspector, and Will Hopkins, Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI, conduct a rogue snap inspection which is an unexpected weapons inspection without a supervisors permission. They are introduced to Dr. Mariana Vestof and discover a level 4 mobile hot zone. Hopkins jumped into the truck and was attacked but he was able to secure a sample before being killed.
  • BioTerrorism Attack #6

    BioTerrorism Attack #6
    Bio weapons facility in Russia accedently releases airborne anthrax spores. There are 66 confirmed deaths, but the actual number of those killed is unknown. Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico determines the spores contained at least four different strains of anthrax.
  • Bio Terrorism Attack #7

    Bio Terrorism Attack #7
    In 1982, 7 people around Chicago, Illinois were found dead due to cyanide poisoning. During the autopsy, they found that the cyanide was placed in extra-strength Tylenol capsules, which the victims had swallowed. The company Johnson-Johnson had set a reward of $100,000 if the killer was found. But to this day, the killer has still not been found.
  • BioTerrorism Attack #8

    BioTerrorism Attack #8
    In the fall of 1984, members of the Rajneeshee, a Buddhist cult devoted to beauty, love and guiltless sex, brewed a "salsa" of salmonella and sprinkled it on fruits and veggies in the salad bar at Shakey's Pizza in The Dalles, Ore. They put it in blue-cheese dressing, table-top coffee creamers and potato salads at 10 local restaurants and a supermarket. water and handed it to a judge.
  • BioTerrorism Attack #9

    BioTerrorism Attack #9
    The religious group Aum Shinrikyo released anthrax in Tokyo. There was a bad odor reported but the attack was a failure because no one was infected by it. The reason it didn't work was because they used the strain of the virus that was used in vaccines for animals.
  • Harmonica Man's Death

    Harmonica Man's Death
    One day on a subway platform in New York City, a homeless man died. He was called the Harmonica Man. He started eating his face and having uncontrollable spasms. His body finally went into a "C" shape and then fell straight to the ground. He was dead.
  • Kate Moran's Death

    Kate Moran's Death
    Kate woke up with a cold. She went to school and felt weird. She asked her art teacher if she could go to the bathroom. In the bathroom she saw blood blisters in her mouth and then she started to die. She started biting her lips off and had massive spasms on the floor and died at the scene.
  • Autopsy of Kate

    Autopsy of Kate
    During the autopsy, Dr. Austen inspects strange findings on Kate’s body. She notices that her mouth was compact with blood and she had blood blisters on it as well as on her nose, her eyes were inflated and had a blue-gray color with a hint of golden yellow, her kidneys also had an abnormal color of golden-yellow instead of dark reddish-brown, and her brain had turned silver, and was swollen, smooth and flattened.
  • 3rd Victim: Penelope Zecker

    3rd Victim: Penelope Zecker
    Alice Austen did research to see if any other reports of illness with symptoms that occurred in Kate Moran and Harmonica Man. She found that at a hospital on Staten Island, Penelope Zecker had died in the E.R. with the same symptoms: seizures, blown pupils, and bitten off fingers. No autopsy was done but blood and spinal samples were sent to Alice.
  • 4th Victim: Lem

    4th Victim: Lem
    Alice Austen asked Ben Kly to go with her to visit Lem, Harmonica Man's friend, to see if he is infected. He lived under East Houston Street. When they found him dead from seizures and discovered that he had gouged out his own eyeballs. She did the autopsy right away, while Dudley assisted.
  • Victim 5: Peter Talides

    Victim 5: Peter Talides
    When trying to save Kate, Peter Talides, Kate's teacher, got himself infected. Later he started to show the symptoms of Cobra and he died in a subway. He got himself electricuted and was ran over by a train.
  • Biological Bomb is Found

    Biological Bomb is Found
    Alice is able to make a connection between Penelope and Kate. She finds a notebook at Penelope's Junk Shop itemizing things she has sold. Then she visits Kate's house and finds a puzzle box that Kate got from Penelope. It is a biological bomb, that when opened, exposes the opener to a virus. She found the same type of box in Harmonica Man's things. Austen realizes it is a biological bomb and that this virus is intentional and reports it to Dr. Nathanson.
  • Autopsy Mishap

    Autopsy Mishap
    Dr. Kly and Dudley started the autopsy of the teacher before Austen could tell them not too because the body still had a hot agent in it. Dr. Dudley was immediately infected when they opened the body. He picked up a knife and pointed it at Austen and then he started walking towards Dr. Kly with it and killed him. Then Dudley started eating himself and eventually died.
  • CDC and FBI join forces

    CDC and FBI join forces
    Once Austen realizes the danger, the information is shared. The FBI is brought in as well as the CDC. They realize they need a safe place to conduct this investigation that will not contaminate the rest of NY. They end up choosing Governors Island. Within 4 hours, a hot zone is made. They bring in the contaminated bodies of Dudley, Talides and Kly for autopsy. The outside investigation begins.
  • Hector Ramirez

    Hector Ramirez
    One day, Archimedes was working and wanted to test his vial. He was always annoyed by the kids that would play in the playground next to his lab/home so he decided to put it there. He decided to put it on the mini marry-go-round. Later, 5 year old Hector Ramirez saw the vial and puts in his mouth. He had spit it out, but he was already infected.
  • Bio-Vek

    Hopkins and Littleberry go to Bio-Vek to meet with Dr. Heyert. They say that Bio-Vek is where they work with kids who have Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. They learn that Cope(Archimedes) used to work there and they also find the hot cobra virus there.
  • Cope is Found and He Runs Away

    Cope is Found and He Runs Away
    Cope is found in his apartment. They see that he is frequently using the bathroom. That is a sign of Cobra. He is infected. He runs away when everyone busts in his room. He runs away into the subway tunnels. All the lights are off in there. Austen and Hopkins are chasing him. Littleberry was killed in the explosion.
  • The Calm After The Storm

    The Calm After The Storm
    After Austen and Hopkins were taken out of the hospital, they learned that Cope died. In the end a total of 32 deaths from 'The Cobra Event' had occurred. Hopkins told Littleberry's widow what had happened and that "he served his country to the end." Hopkins and Austen go to sushi once everything is over.
  • Hopkins Finds the Bomb

    Hopkins Finds the Bomb
    While on his own away from Alice, Hopkins ends up locating the bomb. He uses the stuff he has with him and deactivates the bomb. He starts celebrating and then is shot twice by Cope. Austen saw this happen and thinks that Hopkins is dead. She jumps at Cope and is about to kill him when Hopkins comes back and tells her to arrest him.
  • BioTerrorism Attack #10

    BioTerrorism Attack #10
    The 2001 anthrax attacks occured in the United States beginning on September 18th, 2001 (right after the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon) and lasted several weeks afterwards. Five letters were mailed containing anthrax bacterium. They were mailed to the offices of two senators and several news agencies and ultimately resulted in five deaths. Twenty-two people developed anthrax infections, eleven of which were life-threatening varieties.