Cleopatra VII

  • 69 BCE


    Cleopatra was born between the year 69 B.c
  • 51 BCE


    After the death of his father Ptolemy XII between year 51 B.c, Cleopatra and her little brother Ptolemy XIII got the throne.
  • Period: 51 BCE to 47 BCE

    Alexandrian civil war

    This war began because the two brothers wanted to win power over Egypt. In this war many battles happened, one of the most featured was The battle of the nile in 47 B.c. Finally after many conflicts Cleopatra became queen of Egypt the year 47 B.c.
  • 48 BCE


    A dispute between the brothers became a civil war. Cleopatra was dethroned between the years 48 and 50 by her little brother.
  • 47 BCE

    Cleopatra regained the throne

    Cleopatra defeated her brother and regained the throne in the year 47 B.c after the army of Julius Cesar defeated Cleopatra’s brother. Julius Cesar proclaims Cleopatra and her other brother Ptolemy XIV queen and king of Egypt.
  • 46 BCE

    The son of Cleopatra and Julius Cesar born

    The son of Cleopatra and Julius Cesar born in the year 46 B.c. They called the baby César.
  • 44 BCE

    Death of Julius Cesar

    During the previously named Alexandrian War Cleopatra seduced Cesar, a mighty roman king to ally with him and won the power and the throne. In the year 44 B.c Julius Cesar was murdered.
  • 41 BCE

    Romance with Marco Antonio

    On a trip to Alexandria, Marco Antonio fell in love with Cleopatra and they began a relationship as lovers. He was married to his fist wife when they fell in love. Their relationship had comings and goings, however they had 3 children. Marco Antonio committed suicied by thinking that she had died after the war against Octavian in which he and Cleopatra defeated.
  • 40 BCE

    Cleopatra’s and Marco Antonio’s children was born

    The children of Marco Antonio and Cleopatra were born in the year 40 B.c, they were twins. A boy named Alexander and a girl named Cleopatra.
  • 37 BCE

    Cleopatra and Marc Antonio marry

    Although he was already married, Marc Antonio married Cleopatra.This was illegal and began a battle with Octavian, the adopted son of Julius Cesar and ruler of Rome.
  • 36 BCE

    The son of Cleopatra and Marc Antonio was born

    The son of Cleopatra and Marc Antonio was born in the year 36 B.c. The baby was called Ptolomy Filadelf, he died shortly after for a disease.
  • 31 BCE

    Suicide of Cleopatra

    Cleopatra found out about the plan that Augustus had in mind for her after her defeat. It was to exhibit her in Rome as a trophy. Unable to tolerate the humiliation, the queen of Egypt commited suicide with the bite of an aspid, a very poisonous little kind of snake.