Claudette colvin

Claudette Colvin

  • Claudette is born

    Claudette was adopted by C.P. Colvin and Mary Anne Colvin. Claudette grew up in a poor black neighboorhood in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • First Impression On Segregation

    Claudette Colvin was in a retail store with her mother when white boys came in. The boys asked to touch her hand to compare skin color. Her mother slapped her and told her she was not allowed to touch whites.
  • Everyday Life

    Colvin attended Booker T Washington High School and relied on city transportation to get back and fourth to and from school.
  • The Bus Incident

    Colvin was returning home from school. She sat by the emergency door in the colored section. When the white seats got full the bus driver asked Colvin and 3 other blacks to give up their seats. The other 3 moved and Colvin didnt. Colvin was forcefully removed from the bus and arrested by 2 police officers.
  • Outside Segregation

    Mary Louise Smith arrested for refusing to give her seat up to a white woman
  • More Segregation

    Rosa Parks is arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Instead of the expected 60% turnout, an estimated 90%-100% of the black community in Montgomery choose to participate in the boycott
  • Violence

    Martin Luther King's home is bombed
  • Violence pt 2

    E.D. Nixons house is bombed
  • Life Outside Of Legacy

    Colvin gave birth to her first son Raymond
  • Browder vs Gayle

    Claudette Colvin, Aurelia S Browder, Susie McDonald, Mary Louise Smith, and Jeanette Reese were plaintiffs in the court case of Browder vs Gayle. The United States District Court ruled the state of Alabama and Montgomery's bus segregation laws were unconstitutional.
  • End To Bus Segregation

    The court ordered Montgomery and the state of Alabama to end bus segregation permanently
  • Hardship

    Colvin moved from Montgomery to New York in 1958 because it was hard for her to find and keep work. Many people in the community made her out to be a trouble maker and she had to drop out of college