Clarence Crane: inventor of lifesavers

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  • clarence crane is born

    clarence crane is born
    Clarence Crane is born in Garrettsville, Oh.
  • marrage

    Clarence Crane married Grace Edna Hart on June 1, 1898. The following summer, theeir only child was born, poet Harold Hart Crane. The Cranes' marriage was difficult. Grace Crane suffered from mental illness, and the couple separated on several occasions. The marriage finally ended in divorce on April 7, 1917.
  • work

    He worked for his father until 1903, until he formed his own maple sugar business in Warren, Ohio
  • selling the business

    selling the business
    In 1909, Clarence sold the business, but he continued to work for the firm as a salesman in Cleveland, Ohio, for the next two years.
  • Invention

    Clarence Crane invented lifesavers because he wanted a candy that could with stad the hot summer days.The frist flavor was Pep-o-mint. Lifesavers first did not have a hole in the middle of them.
  • selling rights

    selling rights
    In 1913, Crane sold the rights to Life Savers to two New York candy manufacturers.
  • marketed to saloons

    marketed to saloons
    They marketed the candy to saloon owners, hoping that the customers would use Life Savers to improve their breath after drinking and smoking in the bars. Once saloon owners began to sell the candy, Life Savers got popular.
  • clarence stoped making lifesavers

     clarence stoped making lifesavers
    Clarence didn’t manufacture Life Savers after 1913.
  • crane chocolate company

    crane chocolate company
    He formed the Crane Chocolate Company in 1916.
  • technology

    Technology improved to allow a hole in the center of the fruit candies. The hole in the middle is made by a pill maker.
  • Clarence died

    Clarence died
    Clarence Crane died on July 6, 1931.
  • Fab Five

    Fab Five
    Edward Noble founds the Life Savers Candy Company and begins using the iconic tin foil roll pack that we all know and love. The three original hard candy flavors of Lemon, Lime and Orange are joined by Cherry and Pine
  • giving back

    giving back
    During WWII, the armed forces were supplied with 23 million boxes of lifesavers. Roles of lifesavers are packed into American G.I.'s feild ration kits as reminder of home. This happened unitll 1945.
  • kraft foods

    kraft foods
    Because sugar was cheep in Canada, in 2003, Kraft Foods began to manufacture Life Savers in Canada.
  • 100th anniversary

    100th anniversary
    2012 is the 100th anniversary of the invention of the lifesavers.