civli rights time line

  • brown vs. borad of education

    borad of education was sewed for not letting a girl go to that school
  • rosa parks

    she got arested for not letting a white man sit down on a bus when there where no seats left
  • montgomery bus boycott

    a boycott to let blacks and whites sit wher they want on the bus
  • prevend blacks from going to school

    governor of arkansas calls national gorvd to prevend blacks from going to school
  • sit in

    some black kids tryed to get served lunch at a white school
  • freedom riders

    a bus full of black people got set on fire
  • MKL letter

    MKL got arrested in birmingham city jail and wrote a letter about how he dose not care about the people who are critising him
  • march on washington

    over 100,000 people all gathred at the lincon mamoryal and MKL gave his i have a dream speach
  • JFK

    JFK was killed
  • civil rights

    the civil rights bill was passed to give all people the same rights
  • voting rights act

    voting right act was passed so woman could vote
  • MKL killed

  • malcomx

  • forced bussing