Civil Rights Timeline

  • Emancipation Praclamation

    This freed the slaves
  • The 13 Admendment

    The 13 admendment was passed by congress which outlawed slavery
  • The 14 Admendment

    The 14 admendment granted due process and equal protection to African Americans
  • The 15 Admendment

    The 15 Admendment granted African Americans to vote, even if they were former slaves
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    The U.S Supreme Court desion Plessy v. Ferguson upheld an 1890 Lousiana statue mandating racially segerated but equal railroads
  • (NAACP)

    The National Assciation of the Advancement for colored people (NAACP) was founded by muilt-racial group of activities in New York NY. They led the callto renew the struggle for civil and political liberty
  • Brown v. Borad

    The U.S Supreme Court ruled in the landmark case with Brown v. Borad that public schools segergation was unconsitutional and payed the way to desegeragation.
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks refused to give her seat on the bus for a White male at Mongromery , Ala. In response to her aresst mongromery blacks community boycotted the buses for a year
  • President Kennedy

    President Kennedy issued excutive order 10925 prohibiting discrimination in federal government hiring origin and estabishing opportunity the EEOC
  • James Meredith

    James Meredith became the African American to attend the University of Mississippi , And also the president sent 5,000 federal troops to contian down the volence and riots surrounding the incident
  • The 24 Admendment

    The 24 Admendment abolished the poll tax which been estamated in 11 southeren states , this made it very hard for African American to vote
  • Civil Right Act

    President Johnson sighed the Act , this Act changed all dicrimination of Race, Color , Religion , or National origin transformation to American Society.