Civil Rights

  • Leaders in the Community

    Sometime (within 24 hours of Rosa Parks being arrested) leaders of the black community called a meeting, proposing a bus boycott. The leaders included Martin Luther King Jr., clergy men, small business owners, union workers, teachers, and postal workers. The bus boycott lasted 12-13 months.
  • Taxi Cab Companies

    The biggest taxi cab company agree to participate. (Sometime after the meeting). Lowered their fare, so many people would use taxis instead of the bus to help the boycott.
  • Rosa Parks and Montgomery Bus Boycott Leaders

    The newspapers were published with images of Rosa Parks and the Bus Boycott leaders arrested.
  • Rosa Parks refuses

    Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white man in Montgomery Alabama.
  • Montgomery Police

    Montgomery Police arrests Rosa Parks.
  • Boycott

    The Boycott wouldn't have happened without the support of small businesses.