civil right movement

  • President Truman sigins the Executive Order

    equality to all race of color
  • Supreme court

    agreeing that segreation in schools is unconstitutional
  • Rosa refuses

    Rosa refuses to give her seat up
  • Period: to

    King becomes president

    King and some others establish the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
  • braking the rules

    four black students sat in a segregated woolworhts lunch counter
  • Testing the waters

    students volunteers began taking bus trips to the south to test out the laws
  • first black student to enroll in mississippi

    James Meredith becomes the first black student to enroll at the university of Mississippi
  • M.L.K is arrested

    arrested and jailed during a anti segregation protests
  • Medgar Evers is murdered

    Madgar is murdered out side his home
  • March on Washington

    M.L.K gave his famous i had a dream speech
  • Things go boom!!!!

    3 girls die by a bomb
  • President Johnson signs papers

    civil rights act of 1964
  • shot to death

    Malcolm X gets shot to death
  • Black panthers are founded

    founded by Huey Newton
  • M.L.K dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the man with a dream dies