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In Film
  • first motion picture camera

    first motion picture camera
    The first motion picture camera was made by continuously taking photos of a moving object. It was called the Kinetograph. It was made by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson.
  • Kinetoscope parlor

    Kinetoscope parlor
    Thomas Edison Creates the Edison corporation. They ended up creating Kinetoscope Parlor. The Kinetoscope parlors allowed people to pay up to 25 cents to se a motion picture.
  • Cinematograph

    Auguste and Louis Lumière invent the cinematograph. This device was able to combine a camera and projector. It once showed a film of an oncoming train which scared the people watching enough to cause a stampede
  • The first theater

    The first theater
    The very first movie theater was created in Pittsburg. It only costed a nickel to get in. It was then called Nickelodeons which is now the name of the channel.
  • kinetophone

    Thomas Edison invented the Kinetophone. This allowed motion pictures to now have sound. With this new combination allowed for the creation of talkies.
  • Movie magazines for fans

    Movie magazines for fans
    Photoplay debuts as the first magazine for movie fans. It would help inform people about different movies. It would be as a form of advertisement.
  • Disney

    Walt Disney creates his first ever cartoon. It was called Alice's Wonderland. It used both acting and drawing.
  • Disneys big hit. Steamboat Willie

    Disneys big hit. Steamboat Willie
    Walt Disney releases Both Galloping Gaucho and the now famous Steamboat Willie. They both were the first cartoons with sound. They both ended getting awards
  • code of decency

    code of decency
    William hays the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America created the code of decency. This was something that movies would go through before they were published. This would be used to limit what should and should not be shone to the public
  • Snow White

    Snow White
    Another one of Walt Disneys works Snow white and the seven dwarfs hits theaters. It becomes one of Disneys first colored films. It became an instant classic.
  • The death of Monroe

    The death of Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe dies unexpectedly at age 36. She ended up having a drug overdose. Her body was found in her bedroom alongside a lot of drugs.
  • The Sound of Music

    The Sound of Music
    One of the most popular musicals to date, the sound of music was an instant hit. It was a part of top grossing films of 1965. I is widely regarded as the best musical to date.