• Zoopraxiscope Invented

    Zoopraxiscope Invented
    William Lincoln invents the zoopraxiscope or wheel of life
  • Period: to


  • Kintograph

    Thomas Edison patents the Kintograph the first practical moving camera
  • Motion Picture Camera Invented

    Louis Lumiere creates the first motion picture camera. It was a film processing unit and a projecter called Cinematographe
  • Kinetoscope

    Thomas Edison Patents the Kinetoscope, The latter was a cabinet in which a continuous loop of Dickson's celluloid film was backlit by an incandescent lamp and seen through a magnifying lens.
  • Sound

    The movie industry adds sound to movies
  • Sequels

    Spielberg and Lucas dominate Hollywood by adding sequels to their movies.
  • Prediction

    I predict people will be able to type in what you want to happen and you wont need actors