Chinese immigration and African-American emigration

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  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    The Chinese Exclusion Act was an act Congress passed to make it pretty much impossible for Chinese to come to America. If they were born in China, they were prohibited to come immagrate to America. Congress couldn't shut their doors to the immagrants but they could make it difficult to please the American people.
  • To leave the country

    In 1982, not only was the Chinese Exclusion Act in place but for a Chinese immagrant to leave the country they had to recieve certificates to re-enter America. If an immagrant left without the certificates getting back into America would be the ultimate challange.
  • Rock springs, Wyoming Territory Murder

    A mob in the Wyoming Territory killed 28 Chinese workers along with driving houndreds more out of the area due to the Chinese immigration. The mob's intentions were to scare the Chinese out of the country to not come back but their murders didn't get rid of them. Although the Chinese were scared, they still came to America with a hope.
  • Immigration Restricion League

    The group was founded to make a literacy test for immigrants to take before they could enter America. They wanted to make it harder on Chinese immagrants trying to enter their country and to do so they created a mandatory test for the immagrants to pass to come in.
  • Great Migration

    African Americans moved from the South to the North in hope for better living conditions, better treatment, and better working conditions. In the South they were not being treated with respect and were being abused. All of America however did not have a liking for the blacks. The North was nicer but not nearly the "best living conditions"
  • East St. Louis

    A group of white rioters ran through black neighborhoods bringing disdruction and death to the African American people. The blacks were very angeried by the event but more fearful. They were treated as animals with no respect from white men.
  • Loosening the rope

    Congress repealed the Act on the Chinese people and began to allow more leverage for the Chinese making 105 of them allowed yearly.
  • 1900s

    In the 1900's, almost all blacks dreamed of moving to the North. In the 1920s alone, 800,000 blacks moved from the South to the North. All the way through the 1960s blacks continued to move to the North. This began the move against slavery all throughout America.
  • Immagration Act

    Congress passed The Immagreation Act in 1965 making entering America much easier on the whole world. Effective in 1968, only 170,000 immagrants could enter America in the whole Northern Hemisphere. However, a limit of 20,000 people were allowed from each country.