Chinese American Immigration

By chart02
  • First Chinese Americans to Arrive

    Three Chinese seamen arrive in the continental United States aboard the ship Pallas in Baltimore, MD
  • Census Records

    The first U.S. Census notation of Chinese in America records three Chinese living in the United States
  • Gold Rush

    Gold found at Sutter’s Mill, California, attracts Chinese immigrants to mine gold
  • Chinese American Population Rises

    Chinese American population represents 4,000 out of a total U.S. population of 23.2 million
  • 30000 More Chinese Americans

    Chinese American population represents 34,933 out of a total U.S. population of 31.4 million
  • Complete Transcontinental Railroad with Chinese Immigrant Workers

    The first transcontinental railroad is completed with significant Chinese immigrant labor
  • Limit Chinese Immigration

    The United States and China sign a treaty that allows the United States to limit Chinese immigration
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    The Chinese Exclusion Act halts Chinese laborer immigration for 10 years and denies Chinese from becoming naturalized U.S. citizens
  • Chinese Americans Current Population

    The Chinese American population represents 107,488 out of a total U.S. population of 62.9 million
  • The Geary Act

    The Geary Act extends the Chinese Exclusion Act for another 10 years and requires all Chinese residents to carry permits
  • Fong Yue Ting vs. United States

    In Fong Yue Ting v. United States, the U.S. Supreme Court rules that Congress has the power to expel the Chinese
  • Chinese American Homebases

    Sun Yat Sen, founder of modern China and political activist, helps bring down the Qing dynasty. He establishes home-base operations for the liberation of China among Chinese American communities in Hawaii, San Francisco, and in New York
  • Chinese Exclusion Act Indefinite

    Congress makes the Chinese Exclusion acts indefinite. Law enforcement officials arrest 250 allegedly illegal Chinese immigrants without search warrants