Children and Education

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  • Barbra Johns and the Student Walkout

    Barbra Johns and the Student Walkout
    Barbra Johns (16) leads her fellow students out of Robert Russa Moton High School in VA, protesting about the poor conditions of their school.
  • Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

    Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka
    The Supreme Court ruled that schools cannot stay segregated anymore, though, unfortunately, they still remained separate.
  • Emmett Till's Murder

    Emmett Till's Murder
    Emmitt Till was a fourteen-year-old boy who got accused of whistling to a white woman and was beaten until he was unrecognizable. After his death, however, the woman who accused him of flirting came forward and admitted that she had lied, therefore saying he died in vain.
  • The Clinton 12

    The Clinton 12
    12 African-American students went to their first day at Clinton High School in Tennessee, where it was the first time schools in the south had African-American students going to all-white schools.
  • The Little Rock Nine

    The Little Rock Nine
    9 African-American students go to enter into the Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock, AR, but the Arkansas National Guard stopped them from entering.
  • Greensboro Sit-In

    Greensboro Sit-In
    The Greensboro Four is a group of four African-American men who started a movement. When they came to a diner, and they stayed there, even when they didn't get any food, and that started a movement called the Greensboro Sit-In.
  • Ruby Bridges

    Ruby Bridges
    Ruby Bridges was a six-year-old girl who was escorted to her new school, William Frantz Elementary School by Gov. officials. (Inspires Norman Rockwell's, The Problem We All Live With)
  • African-American Students Forced Out

    African-American Students Forced Out
    Gov. Officials stand in front of the University of Alabama to ensure that African-American students can't enter.
  • Bombing at the Church

    Bombing at the Church
    Fourteen people were injured and four young African-American girls are killed and when a bomb set by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) at 16th Street Baptist Church.