Chicago Mob

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  • Everleigh Club

    Everleigh Club
    On November 22, 1905, Marshall Field, Jr. suffered a gunshot that would prove to be fatal. Although newspapers reported it was an accident and occurred at his home, there is some evidence that he was shot by a prostitute at the Everleigh Club.
  • James Colosimo

    James Colosimo
    He would lead what would become the Chicago Outfit, years after his death, from about 1902 until his death in 1920.
  • O'Banion

    O'Banion pioneered Chicago's first liquor hijacking on December 19, 1921. He and the "lads of Kilgubbin" quickly eliminated all their competition.
  • Hymie Weiss

    Hymie Weiss
    After the murder of Dion O'Banion, Weiss became the Boss of the North Siders and began plotting the demise of those responsible for the death of his good friend, namely Torrio and Capone. Weiss kept a low profile for two months after O'Banion's funeral and then on January 12th, 1925, made an attempt on Capone's life.
  • Bugs Moran

    Bugs Moran
    On February 14, 1929, in an event which has become known as the Saint Valentine's Day massacre, seven members of his gang were gunned down in a warehouse, supposedly on the orders of Moran's rival Al Capone.
  • Johnny Torrio

    Johnny Torrio
    He also put forth the idea of the National Crime Syndicate in the 1930s and later became an unofficial adviser to the Genovese crime family.
  • Lords of the Levee

    Lords of the Levee
    1943 non fiction book by longtime Chicago Tribune.