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Chemistry Timeline Assignment-Kayla Fobian! :)

  • Jan 1, 1000


    Democritus was the first person to propose the idea that matter was made up of tiny individual particles called atoms. He did this sometime between 460 B.C and 370 B.C.
  • Jan 1, 1000


    Sometime between 384 B.C and 322 B.C, Aristotle rejected the atomic theory entirely becaue it did not agree with his own ideas on nature.
  • Joseph Proust

    Joseph Proust
    Joseph Proust conducted many tests on chemical substances.
  • John Dalton

    John Dalton
    John Dalton marked the beginning of the development of the modern atomic theory. He was also the creator of Dalton's Atomic Theory.
  • Amedeo Avagadro

    Amedeo Avagadro
    Amadeo Avagadro hypothesized that equal volumes of gases at the same temp and pressure contain equal numbers of molecules. His hypothesis led to more discoveries within science.
  • Antonie Lavoisier

    Antonie Lavoisier
    Antonie Lavoisier is noted for his discovery of the role oxygen plays in combustion.
  • William Crooaks

    William Crooaks
    In 1861, William Crooaks found the element named thallium.
  • Henri Becquerel

    Henri Becquerel
    Henri Becquerel discovered radio activity.
  • J.J. Thomson

    J.J. Thomson
    J.J. Thomson did an original study of cathode rays culminating in the disovery of the electron.
  • Madame Curie

    Madame Curie
    Madame Curie discovered polonium and radium.
  • Max Planck

    Max Planck
    Max Planck originated the quantum theory.
  • Ernest Rutherford

    Ernest Rutherford
    Ernest Ritherford is the man who split the atom.
  • Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein came up with the famous equation E=mc^2. (^2 means to the power of two, so squared.)
  • Robert Millikan

    Robert Millikan
    In 1913, Robert Millikan published the value of the electronic charge.
  • Battle Of Amiens

    Battle Of Amiens
    On August 11, 1918, the Battle of Amiens ended. This battle was a part of WW I. The Allieds beat Germans in this battle.
  • Niels Bohr

    Niels Bohr
    Niels Bohr is an atomic physicist that figured out the atomic structure and won a nobel prize for it.
  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Erwin Schrodinger
    Erwin Schrodinger had the great discovery of Schrodinger's wave equations.
  • Louis De Broglie

    Louis De Broglie
    Louis De Broglie received the Nobel Prize for physics and his discovery of the wave nature of electrons.
  • Henry Moseley

    Henry Moseley
    Henry Moseley demonstrated that atomic numbers were not arbitrary, but had a physical basis that could be measured. This is also known as Moseley's Law. Due to this, elements were put in the correct order on the periodic table.
  • James Chadwick

    James Chadwick
    James Chadwick proved the existence of the neutron.
  • Werner Heisenberg

    Werner Heisenberg
    Werner Heisenberg is known for is theroy of quantum mechanics. This theory resulted in forms of hydrogen. He also recieved a Nobel Prize for Physics.
  • Temperature World Record

    Temperature World Record
    On August 11, 1933, the temperature reached 136 degrees F. This happened in San Luis Potos¡, Mexico. This is a world record.
  • Summer Olympics.

    Summer Olympics.
    On August 11, 1948, the Summer Olympics opened in London.
  • King of Jordan

    King of Jordan
    Hussein was proclaimed King of Jordan. This happend on August 11, 1952.
  • Beach Boys

    Beach Boys
    The Beach Boys release "Surfin' Safari" on August 11th in 1962.
  • August 11, 1978 Funeral of Pope Paul VI

    August 11, 1978 Funeral of Pope Paul VI
    The funeral of Pope Paul VI took place on August 10, 1978.
  • Carl Lewis

    Carl Lewis
    In 1984, Carl Lewis duplicates Jesse Owens'(in 1936) Olympic gold metal wins in track.
  • Nightmare on Elm Street

    Nightmare on Elm Street
    "Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child" premiers on this day in 1989.
  • The Mall of America

    The Mall of America
    The Mall of America, the biggest shopping mall in the country, opened in Bloomington, Minnesota. This happened on August 11th in 1992.
  • Earthquakes in Asia

    Earthquakes in Asia
    On this date in 2009, two strong eathquakes hit Asia. The eathquakes measured a magnitude of 7.6. This killed one person, and injured dozens.