John wilkes booth shoots president lincoln

Chasing Lincoln's KIller Time Line

  • Abraham Lincoln got death threats

  • Period: to

    Chasing Lincoln's KIller Time Line

  • Abraham Lincoln was elected for President

    pg. 23
  • Booth and his henchmen planned to kidnap Lincoln

    pg. 23- 24
  • Booth and henchmen failed their highway kidnap

    pg. 24
  • Confederacy was close to collapse

  • Confederacy fell to the Union forces

  • William M. Smith took historical photos of President Lincoln's inauguration

    pg. 1
  • Confederate General Robert E. Lee and army of Northern Virginia surrendered to Union General Grant at Appomattox.

    pg. 5
  • Lincoln celebrated General Lees's surrender at the White House (Executive Mansion)

  • Torchlight parade and Lincoln's speech about rebuilding the South

  • Lincoln made a speech proposing to give blacks the right to vote. Although creating provoked violent talk because of it.

    pg. 9- 10
    pg. 26
  • Washington celebrates the end of the war with the Grand Illumination.

    pg. 8
  • Booth heard the big news that Lincoln was coming to the Ford's theater. (noon- 12:30 pm)

    pg. 11
  • At Herndon House Hotel Booth presided over a meeting of some conspirators he had recruited over a previous strike against the president. (Around 8: 00 p.m)

    pg. 22
  • Mary Surratt and Booth where talking. After the talk Booth asked if she can deliver a package to a tavern.v

    pg. 16
  • Booth went to the tavern to pick up the package a .444 caliber, single shot, muzzle- loading pistol.

    pg. 16
  • Booth gathered his gun, a compass, keys, a whistle, a date book, a pencil, money, and a small knife.

    pg. 20
  • Booth and henchmen made another plan to kill the President and other important people.

    pg. 26
  • The President and his family rode to the Fords theater.

    pg. 28
  • Lincoln's arrived at the theater

    pg. 30-31
  • Booth goes inside theater for first time since the Lincoln's arrived. (Around 9:00 p.m)

    pg. 33
  • John Peanut holds Booth's horse. ( Around 9:00 p.m)

    pg. 34
  • Booth entered the theater lobby, listening to the dialogue onstage.

  • Booth goes inside Lincoln's theater box and hides

  • At the perfect time Booth shoots Lincoln in the head, killing him.

  • Booth and Rathbone start fighting, after Booth killed Lincoln

  • Booth runs away from the fight with Rathbone landing on the stage to then make his most commemberable words in his career. When he finished it he escapes the theater although having to fight an audience member along the way.

  • Powel is going to kill Seward, but disguises as a messenger to execute his plan.

    pg. 48
  • One of Sewards maids caused an argument to then throw off Seward's plans.

    pg. 54, 55, or 56
  • Fanny tried to protect her father from Sewards along with Frederick.

    pg. 55, 56, or 57
  • When Powel got in Seward's bedroom he then tried to kill him.

    pg. 55
  • Sergeant Robinson fights off Powell

    pg. 57
  • Powell fled from Seward's house after failing to kill him.

    pg. 58
  • Seward's began treating himself after fighting with Sergeant.

    pg. 59