Charlottes Web Sequence of Events

Timeline created by lizmacchione
  • Fern Names Wilbur

    Fern Names Wilbur
    Fern Arable is a young girl who lives on a farm. When the baby pigs are born on the farm, Fern does everything in her power to not let her father kill the runt as he had planned to do. Instead, she adopts him as her own, names him Wilbur, and takes very good care of him.
  • Wilbur Is sold

    Wilbur Is sold
    Wilbur is starting to get very big, so he is sold to Ferns uncle Mr.Zukerman to live on the farm.
  • Wilbur Meets Charlotte

    Wilbur Meets Charlotte
    After hearing her voice in the middle of the night, Wilbur finally meets a spider named Charlotte who lives on the farm.
  • Wilbur finds out He's going to die.

    Wilbur finds out He's going to die.
    Charlotte informs Wilbur of the Zuckerman's plan to slaughter him.
  • Charlotte Decides To Create A Plan To Trick Everybody

    Charlotte Decides To Create A Plan To Trick Everybody
    Charlotte is a very clever and smart spider! She has an idea and comes up with a plan to save Wilbur. She weaves the phrase "SOMG PIG" into her web, which i makes everybody think that Wilbur is amazing. As she continues to write phrases such as "TERRIFIC" and "RADIANT", word spreads and people come from all around to see this amazing occurance.
  • Wilbur Goes to the Fair

    Wilbur Goes to the Fair
    Fern's family takes Wilbur to the county fair and he wins a medal for being such an extraordinary pig.
  • Wilbur Says Goodbye

    Wilbur Says Goodbye
    Charlotte is going to pass away , so Wilbur and the rest of their friends on the farm have to say goodbye. Wilbur takes her eggs back to the farm so he can protect them until they hatch.
  • Baby Spiders

    Baby Spiders
    When the spiders hatch, Wilbur is sad to find out that only three babies are small and young enough to stay on the farm and the rest have to leave. Wilbur is glad that three stay though since he is really missing Charlotte. He names the baby spiders Joy, Nellie, and Arania.
  • Poor Charlotte.. Her Last days

    Poor Charlotte.. Her Last days
    Charlotte spells her last word, "HUMBLE", in her web and lays her nest of eggs. Wilbur realizes that Charlotte is acting different and doesn't seem like herself.