Charlie Marinelli

  • Arrived in New Delhi

    Arrived at hostel in new Delhi
  • Period: to


  • Leave New Delhi

    Headed to Upper Bhagsu via bus (12 hour bus trip)
  • Himalayas Upper Bhagsu Arrival

    Arrived at 8:19 PM (PST)
  • Received Text "All is well"

  • Pictures sent via text to Mom

    Upper Bhagsu/Posted a picture in Triund Hill on Instagram
  • German Bakery in Upper Bhagsu

    Photo received of cake and coffee
  • At a "friend's house" Not in Upper Bhagsu

    At a "friend's house" Not in Upper Bhagsu
    Friend (named Sabu) wanted to Charlie to invest in his property, they were thinking of making unfinished massive house into a resort (Charlie eventually backs out).
  • Bought a motorcycle/registered in a local's name

    Bought a motorcycle/registered in a local's name
    Registered a $3,000.00 motorcycle in a local "friend's" name (because he could not register it in his name). Reportedly, later, the "friend" refused to give the motorcycle back to Charlie. License Plate UK 04X 4431 White Royal Enfield Himalayan. This "friend" is a tattoo artist who tattooed Charlie
  • Akshay Satam Instagram Mister.flying.forever in Upper Bhagsu with Charlie

    Commented on Charlie's Instagram Post
  • Rafter Sing posts pic of Charlie on a moped

    "Rafter Sing" Instagram name: Gauransh__AG_95_ Phone number: 91-7088856066
  • Still in Upper Bhagsu/Posted a picture in Pauri

    Everything is fine as reported by Charlie
  • Gets on a flight (not sure where)

  • Strange texts to Mom from Charlie

    Strange texts to Mom from Charlie
    Charlie said he found his teacher, Baba Ji and he would not be allowed to talk to his family for years possibly while he is studying, Did not sound like Charlie and was not making sense. Possibly could go to Varanassi, but was not able to disclose his location.
  • First contact with Michelle since Wednesday 9/11/19

    Texts at 11:06am, seemed normal and said "I'll talk to you tomorrow, I love you". FaceTime at 1:39am for 65 minutes (Hawaii Standard Time). Charlie stated he was scared and confused because he didn't know what was real and not real. Said he felt he was being drugged by a "Baba" and seemed in distress. He seemed in his right mind during the call, just scared. We ended with him saying he would try to get out of Bhagsu.
  • Strange calls from Charlie

    Received multiple calls from Charlie around 11:40am Hawaii Standard Time. Charlie did not seem like himself at all or in a right state of mind.