Charlie Gordan

  • progris riport 1

    A mildly retarded man named Charlie Gordon starts a journal at the request of a doctor: “Dr Strauss says I shud rite down what I think and evrey thing that happins to me from now on” (371).
  • progris report 3

    Charlie meets a very smart mouse named Algernon that he has to race: “I dint know that mice were so smart. Maybe thats because Algernon is a white mouse. Maybe white mice are smarter than other mice” (374).
  • progris riport 4

    Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss decide to use Charlie for the “operashun” (374). He is “so exited he can hardly write” (374).

    Charlie finally beats Algernon and he decides to be friends with him: “How woud Dr Nemur like it to have to pass a test every time he wants to eat. I think Ill be friends with Algernon” (380).

    Charlie realizes that all of his “friends” are making fun of him: “Now I know what it means when they say ““to pull a Charlie Gordon.”” I’m ashamed” (383).

    Charlie realized that the inkblots are not filled with hidden pictures that he has to find, but he has to use his imagination to come up with what the inkblots look like: “One looked like a pair of bats tugging at something. Another one looked like two men fencing with swords. I imagined all sorts of things” (385).

    Charlie notices how beautiful Miss Kinnian is: “The thought of leaving her behind is sad. I’m in love with Miss Kinnian” (388).

    Charlie was at a diner eating dinner when a teenage dishwasher drops and breaks a tray of dishes. Everyone in the diner laughs at him and Charlie “felt sick inside as he looked at his dull, vacuous smile, the wide, bright eyes of a child, uncertain but eager to please” (391). Charlie says, “They were laughing at him because he was mentally retarded. And I had been laughing at him too” (391).

    Algernon is changing. Burt, who is in charge of experimental animals, says that "He is less co-operative: he refuses to run the maze anymore; general motivation is decreased. And he hasn’t been eating" (393). Everyone is scared about what this may mean for Charlie.

    Algernon dies and Charlie “put Algernon’s body in a cheese box and buried him in the back yard. He cried” (396).
  • Charlie Gets His Job Back

    Charlie goes to get his job back and a new guy at the factory makes fun of him. Joe stands up for him and later Frank went over and said, “Charlie if anybody bother you or trys to take advantage of you call me or Joe and we will set em strait” (400). Charlie gets choked up. He thinks “its good to have friends” (400).