Charlie Chaplin

  • Charlie Chaplin is born

    Charlie Chaplin jr. is born to Charles and Hannah Hill Chaplin on April 16.
  • The Workhouse Years began

    For Chaplin,the Workhouse Years were nothing but adventures in humiliation and loneliness.
  • Charlie's father dies.

    The senior Chaplin dies at age thirty-seven after years of alcohol abuse.
  • Charlie's mother goes insane

    Hannah Chaplin,commited as a lunatic,is transferred from an infirmary to Cane Hill Asylum,where she remains until 1912.
  • Charlie works with the Karno company

    Begins work with the Karno company.
  • Charlie is bound by contract

    Signs contract with Keystone Film Company.
  • The Little Tramp is born.

    Begins to appear in Keystone films;introduces the Little Tramp in "Mabel's Strange Predicament";signs with Essnay for $1,250 per week to make fourteen films.
  • Charlie signs contract with new company

    Charlie signs with Mutual Film Corparation for $10,000 per week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Charlie signs with new company again!!

    Signs with First National Exhibitors' Circuit for salary exceeding $1,000,000 per year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) P.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Charlie was married.

    Charlie secretly married Mildred Harris.
  • Charlie gets divorced.

    Charlie (secretly) divorces Mildred Harris.
  • Charlie releases "The Kid".

    After two years of work,Chaplin releases "The Kid",his first feature--length film.
  • Charlie married again.

    Charlie Chaplin married Lita Grey.
  • Begins filming a new movie.

    Charlie begins filming one of his more famous films,"The Gold Rush".
  • Charlie is divorced.(again.)

    Charlie gets divorced from Lita Grey.
  • Attends world premiere of new movie.

    Charlie attends world premiere of "City Lights" in Los Angeles.
  • Charlie gets married and releases new movie.

    "Modern Times" is released and Charlie marries costar Paulette Goddard.
  • World premiere of new movie.

    World premiere in New York of "The Great Dictator", costarring Paulette Goddard begins.
  • Charlie gets divorced.

    Paulette Goddard is granted divorce from Charlie Chaplin.
  • Charlie gets married again.

    Charlie Chaplin marries Oona O'Neill.
  • Charlie is falsely acussed.

    Charlie is indicted by federal grand jury on Mann Act charges involving actress Joan Barry.(Is found inoccent two months later)
  • Charlie loses against court.

    Joan Barry wins paternity suit against Charlie Chaplin.
  • Begins shooting new film.

    Charlie begins filming a new movie,"Monsieur Verdoux".
  • Charlie dies.

    Charlie dies in his sleep at the family estate in Vevey,Switzerland,on Christmas.