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Charley Goddard's Civil and Post Civil War Life

  • Charley's Birth

    Charley's Birth
    Charley Goddard is born to the the parents of Catherine and Abner Goddard.
  • Charley during the Battle of Bull Run

    Charley during the Battle of Bull Run
    When Charley was going into battle he was thinking that it was fun and glamorous, but is was exactly the opposite: it was solemn and serious. Charley's mindset about war was immidiately altered because the soldier beside him, Massey, was decapitated because of a cannon shot. What Charley said basically sums it up: "Make it stop now! Make it all stop now!"
  • Aftershock

    Charley is stunned at what he experienced at the Battle of Bull
    Run. He wants to go back home. After only one battle, Charley is showing signs of being dynamic. While Charley is trying to puke a sergeant says for him to clea his weapon. While they march to see if there are Rebels there, he wets his pants.
  • Pay Day

    Pay Day
    After three months, Charley and the soldiers finally get their pay: thirty-three dollars in golden coins. Charley is sorely tempted to spend all of the money on himself because he think he will die before he will be able to even send his family the money. Eventually, he would buy himself two apple pies, keep four dollars for himself and send the money to his mother and brother. His dad died because he was trampled by a horse.
  • Second Battle

    Plenty of reinforcements were issued to Charley's regiment. Approximately one thousand, to be technical. One of them was Nelson. Since Nelson had never been in battle, he had the same impression as Charley did before battle. This is what Charley said to Nelson: "You don't know nothing. You don't know as much as a slick-eared calf." During Charley second battle, Nelson was wounded in the stomach, a place were back then the doctors couldn't treat. Charley felt sympathy for the guy.
  • Talking with the Enemy

    Talking with the Enemy
    This time the regiment sat at camp for three months. The soldiers were getting accustomed to camp life so much that they named the paths between the tents after Minnesotan towns.AFter some time, Charley became adept at camp survival.
    One night when Charley was at guard duty, a Rebel soldier talked to him and asked to trade some coffee for tobacco. Charley agreed. The next morning, Charley heard shots go off and knew that it was the Rebel soldier being shot at.
  • Charley, the Madman

    During Charley's third battle, many things happened. Charley was jabbing and clubbing other Rebel soldiers. As Charley put it, "He attacked anything and everything that came into his range-slashing, clubbing, hammering, jabbing, cutting-and always screaming, screaming in fear, in anger and finally in a kind of rabid, intense joy, the joy of battle, the joy of winning, the joy of killing to live."
  • "I Was Hit!"

    While walking back to camp, a sergeant called him back and said that he was hit. Charley didn't feel anything. Either way, he went to the doctor. While waiting, a doctor finally came and said that he really wasn't hit and that it was the blood of others on his uniform.
  • His Day of Doom

    Charley was in a sheltered position so that he could hit other while they couldn't. He was above, that was the reason they couldn't hit them. Even though th cannons were firing at them, the Rebel soldiers kept on coming. Even if a whole row went down at once, the line would still be marching. The officer then staged an attack and while they were hacking and jabbing at the opposing soldiers, he was finally wounded in his left shoulder and hisright thigh.
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    Charley's Post Civil War Life

    This is Charley's life after war.
  • Charley Death

    Charley dies before being able to be mayor on basis of his war record.