Portrait of charles

charles de montesquieu

By jrd1322
  • Born

    Born in Chateau De La Brede in south France.Full name is , charles louis de sacondat baron de la brede et montesque
  • Education

    Graduated at the university of bordeaux. he studied latin, french history, and law.
  • marriage

    in 1721 he marries jeanne de lartigue.
  • why he was first popular

    why he was first popular
    in 1721 is when charles de montesquie published his famous book about two persian men writing to each other called persian letters.THe book is based on two men that first traveled for 13 months to paris france and what paris is like under the reign of Louis XIV
  • second book

    second book
    wrote the spirit of the laws .wich origanily was writin anonymously.
  • the death of charles

    the death of charles
    charles de montesquie died in paris france at the age of 66 fro a high fever.