Change in Reform

  • Florence Kelley

    Florence Kelley
    Kelley worked tirelessly for labor laws for women and children. She persuaded the Illinois legislature in 1893 to prohibit child labor. She also convinced them to limit the number of hours women could work.
  • Muckrakers

    Muckrackers was a name created by Theodore Roosesvelt for investigative journalists. In October 1902 "Tweed Days in St. Louis" was published and this muckrackers style was born by Licoln Steffens and Claude Wetmore.
  • Ida Tarbell

    Ida Tarbell
    Ida was born in western Pennsylvania in 1857. Her father was an independent oil producer. Ida ran the first in stallment of "History of the Standard Oil Company" in McClure's.
  • Ray Stannard Baker

    Ray Stannard Baker
    In 1904 toured the nation examing the plight of African Americans. In 1908 he published his book describing a lynching in Springfield, Ohio. "The worst feature of all in this Springfield lynching was the apathy of the public. No one really seemed to care....If ever there was an example of good citizenship lying on its back... Springfield furnished an example of that condition." -Ray Stannard Baker, Following the Color Line
  • Herbert Croly

    Herbert Croly
    Herbert Croly was a political theorist. He argues that the goverment should use its regularity and taxation powers to promote the welfare of all its citizens. He opposed the goverment's support of the interests of business owners over other Americans.
  • Child Labor

    Child Labor
    Most children worked in agriculture back iin 1910. Some children had to work in factories instead and face much worse conditions. Some times the supervisors would throw cold water on the children to keep them awake and able to work.
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

    Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
    On March 25, 1911 there was a building that caught on fire in New York City. The buidling contained 500 some employees which were mostly Jewish or italian immigrant women. When firefighters gained control of the blaze more than 140 workers had perished in the disaster.