Cesar Chavez Mik

  • Cesar Chavez

    When Cesar Chavez was a boy evry night was a party so he barely got any sleep.
  • Years Pass

    Many years later Cesar's grand father had built their spaciose abode.
  • school run away

    Cesar was seated next to his sister and the teacher moved him away from his older sister and he was moved and he bursted out the door and it took three days of coaxing him to go back in school.
  • daily dandilyons

    he eats dandylyons for dinner and he eats it when he is driving and he had no food and so they just ate flowers and he had no fruit and no nothing.
  • grapes in the summer

    They harvested grapes for profet and for money and sens they had no money they had to do that in order to live and they didn't have enough money to buy ice cream and so they were really tired and hungry and the were not wealthy.
  • hero

    he was a hero when he was older and more mature and he helped haspanic people and so he had a school named after him.