Cell Theory by Walker Dominey

  • Period: Sep 15, 1580 to

    zacharias janssen and hans janssen

  • microscope

    created the opctical mocroscope with magnification of times 9
  • Period: to

    anton van leeuwenhoek

  • Period: to

    robert hooke

    he created the microscope and discoverd cells
  • microscopes

    he invented over 500 microscopes over his life and 9 of which survive today
  • cells

    cells were founded
  • microscope

    robert hooke invented the gregorian microscope
  • bacteria

    he founded bacteria
  • Period: to

    matthias schleiden

  • Period: to

    theodor schwann

  • Period: to

    rudolf virchow

  • properties of plant and animal cells

    he discovered that plants and animals had different properties
  • plant cells

    he stated that plants have cells too
  • lukemia

    he was the first to discover the lukemia cells by noticing a large clot of whtie blood cells with john hughes bennet