cell theory

  • Zachariaus Janseen creates first microscope

    Zachariaus Janseen makes first microscope. His father Hns helped him create the microscope. The lens he made was a bi-convex lens.
  • Robert Hooke discovers Cells

    Robert Hooke discovers cells. Maker of micrographia.
  • Antony Van Leewenhoek discovers bacteria

    Antony Van Leewenhoek discovered bacteria. He discovered sperm and blood cells.
  • Matthias Schleiden made the cell theory

    Matthias Schleiden made the cell theory. It was that all plants are made of cells
  • Theodor Schwann expands cell theory

    Theodor Schwann expands cell theory. He sais all animals are made up of cells.
  • Rudolf Virchow ends cell theory

    Rudolf Virchow ends cell theory. He sais that cells are made from other cells.