Cell discovery

By davisni
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  • Discovery the cell

    Robert Hooke (at the time he was 26 years old) discoverd cells by accident.He Looked at a thin slice of cork through a microscope at 50x he saw thin spaces inbetween tham and named tehm spouses, now known as a cell .
  • Small cretures found in pond scum

    Anton van Leehuwenhoek discorered yaest was alive ad that red blood cells are different beteew animals. Leehuwenhoek was able to discove those things becuase he is the father of microscopy. He also was the first one to discribe a singl-celled organism.
  • Plants are made of cell.

    Matthias Jakob Schleiden discovered that all plants are made of cells and that an embryonic plant organism arises from the one cell. Schleiden loved to use microscopes to study plants as a professor.
  • Tissues are made of cells too

    Theodor Schwann discovered all animal tissues are made of cells. Schwann discovered many other stuff like what a yeasts nature is like and the word motabolism.
  • Cell theory

    Schwann developed the begining of cell theory. Which are:
    -All organisms are composed of one or more cells.
    -The cell is the basic unit of life in all living things.
  • Adition to the cell theory

    Virchow added to the cell theory. Which is:
    -All cells come from existing cells.