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Cell Discovery

  • Hooke

    Robert Hooke examined thinly sliced pieces of cork under his primitive compound microscope. He discovered the image showed a repeated patter of cell (loosly based on a the concept of prison cells) shapes.
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  • Anton van Leeuwenhoek

     Anton van Leeuwenhoek
    Leeuwenhoek examines a small sample of pond water under his microscope and observes movement. He declares these tiny creatures "animalcules". In reality, he was observing a combination of bacteria and algea.
  • Schwann and Schleiden

    Schwann and Schleiden
    Schwann and Schleiden state that the newly discovered cells were the basic unit of life.
  • Rudolf Virchow

    Rudolf Virchow
    Virchow worked with the current cell theory and studied it a bit further. he concluded that cells did not just crystalize out of nothing like Schwann and Schleiden thought, instead they came from other living things. This is the final part ot the cell theory we know and use today.