Celebrity Murder

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  • Nicholas Cage, 4am

    Nicholas Cage, 4am
    The film star was found near the Lygon Street gates of the Melbourne cemetery. He had been in town filming Daredevil. Police believe he died as the result of a hit and run.
    (Photo: simonvalley)
  • Molly Meldrum, 9pm

    Molly Meldrum, 9pm
    The TV personality and crowned Moomba King was found dead in Birrang Marr. It is believed he was found under the float he had travelled on before the 60,00 spectators of the Moomba parade. It is believed he was strangled.
    (Photo:Dave Nicoll)
  • Buddy Franklin, 2am

    Buddy Franklin, 2am
    The Hawthorn football player was found dead in the food court outside the entrance to Crown Casino. Police believe he was strangled.
    (Photo: The Malones)
  • Tiger Woods, 5am

    Tiger Woods, 5am
    The golfer was found stabbed to death outside the Park Hyatt hotel in Melbourne. It is understood he had been staying there to escape the media furore following reports of his visits to several Melbourne brothels.
    (Picture: exploit me)
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