Capturing the Past, for the Future

Timeline created by TheDigitalPengu
  • Drawing up the plans

    Johann Zahn wrote up the first ever blueprints for a handheld camera. over 100 years before his idea would become real.
  • dream to reality

    dream to reality
    Joseph Nicéphore Niépce made the first real camera, it would take long amounts of time to develop, and only show large changes in light, but it was the first.
  • Lasting a lifetime

    Alexander Wolcott took away the old camera's flaws, he made a camera with both better quality, and had the pictures not fade.
  • brightening the world

    brightening the world
    although not truly adding color through the camera, it became commonplace to paint onto pictures to make them more realistic.
  • instantly capturing the moment

    Edwin Land made a fast acting camera called a Polaroid Camera that would print the picture, as it was taken.
  • to infinity and beyond

    to infinity and beyond
    cameras were used in space on one of the mercury missions, allowing for spectacular space pictures.
  • going digital

    Steven Sasson invented the first digital camera, making headway towards all of the cameras we know now.
  • fusion of phone and camera

    fusion of phone and camera
    digital cameras were finally added to phones. Now everyone who has a phone has a camera.