Captain Arthur Phillip is Eminent

Timeline created by SacredRuin
  • captain arthur phillip is born

    the day arthur phillip is born. He was a intresting baby with the look of an explorer
  • Captain Arthur Phillip got married

    He was married to Margeret, a merchent. She also happend to be
    the former wife of captain Herbert. During their mariage they had
    a few kids.
  • The day that the happy couple got separated

    The sad, sad day that Arthur Phillip and Elizabeth nee Breach got separated.
  • the day that he started serving in the navy

    he served with the Sout American waters as a captain in the portugese fleet. He witnessed horibblr things that cannot be described.
  • The day that he stopped serving the South American waters in the potugese navy

    After years of surviving the scurvy and madness, Arthur Phillip deserved a break, so he was summoned to the English goverment
    to confront his greatess fears.
  • he started the journey to Australia in

    The day that the whole first fleet led by the one and only, Arthur Phillip. Almost anyone came out alive.
  • the day he finished the journey to Australia

    the journey took 8 months in total on a dirty rotten old ship. He took a long journey and survived.
  • the day captain arthur phillip died

    The sad day that Arthur Phillip died. He is buried in the great colony he brought together.