Capitan america

Capitán América

  • Birth

    From Joshep Rogers and Sarah Rogers is born Steve Rogers
  • Enter the military

    Enter the military
    Steven entered the military service at the
    22 years.
    where it was too weak for the average human.
  • Draft super soldier

    Draft super soldier
    After one year, he is selected to be the test subject for a project called the super soldier, where he would be injected with a serum that would give him physical capabilities superior to the average human
  • It's frozen

    It's frozen
    Steven is frozen after a fight where there is an accident, in which he falls to the ice and is frozen for several years.
  • It is thawed

    It is thawed
    After 66 years frozen, an organization finds him and recruits him to fight the things that threaten the earth, that's how his story as an avenger begins.