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  • Beginning of Immigration in Canada

    Beginning of Immigration in Canada
    In the 1800's, Canada was lenient with who they let into the country. At the time they had a Chinese Head Hunter law in place, to keep the Chinese out of the country. This Head Hunter law offered a reward to people who informed the government of a Chinese immigrant.
  • First Immigration Act

    First Immigration Act
    Canada's first immigration act was mostly to prevent diseases from entering the country. It also placed a limit on the people able to sail on immigration ships.
  • Chinese Immigration Act

    Chinese Immigration Act
    This act decreased the amount of people exempt from the Head Taxes.
  • Frank Oliver

    Frank Oliver
    Frank Oliver, a Liberal MP, defined the term "immigrant". He increased the power the governemnt held over immigration and deportation, as well as put in effect a $25 fee "landing fee". Asain immigrants still had a bounty on their heads.
  • The War Measures Act

    The War Measures Act
    This act gave the government of Canada the ability to detain "enemy aliens", which were simply the immigrants in Canada. The people of Ukraine descent were affected most by this act.
  • Women's Division

    Women's Division
    A Women's Division was incorporated into the Immigration Department. They made sure the single women immigrants had systems of care. Single women immigrants could be deported for having sexual relations outside of wedlock.
  • Emprie Settlement Act

    Emprie Settlement Act
    The Empire Settlement was Canada's way of bringing back immigrants. After WW1 Canada did a lot of deporting of their immigrants, so Canada put this act in place, hoping their rewards and incentives would be enough to get more immigrants to come to Canada.
  • The Communist Party

    The Communist Party
    The Communist Party was made illegal. Any immigrants that supported the Communist Party could be deported.
  • Canadian Citizenship Act

    Canadian Citizenship Act
    Canada has finally made its own citizenship, seperate from Britain's citizenship.
  • Ellen Fairclough

    Ellen Fairclough
    Ellen Fairclough introduced a new immigration act. Her act stated that any person who had the required education could enter Canada, race, color and nationality did not matter. But these people had to have a job planned (or plan to get one) and they could not be diseased, and could not be criminals.
  • White Paper

    White Paper
    A White Paper (report to solve a problem) was put on the immigration policies. This changed the way people were suppose to see immigration. It was now meant to be a way to increase the economy and the population.
  • Points System

    Points System
    A Points System was put in place to pick the best suited immigrants, this was to make sure discrimination was removed from the immigration process.
  • More Asian Immigrants

    More Asian Immigrants
    Up until this year, the majority of immigration was from Europe. This change was partly due to Canada'a new trade with third world countries.
  • New Act

    New Act
    In 1976, there was a new immigration act. This act is the basis for the laws we follow in today's policies.
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    Canadian Immigration

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    Jewish Immigrants

    138,000 Jewish immigrants moved to Canada.
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