Canada in Cold War

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    cold war

  • Espionage- Igor Gouzenko

    Espionage- Igor Gouzenko
    His defection in 1945 led to the crumbling of the wartime alliance. it also invoked wartime powers to detain suspected communist spies.
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    soviets put a blockade in Berlin to starve the population. the result of this led to the order to the allies of Germany to start supplying west Berlin food and supplies by Air. ended on MAy.12/1949
  • NATO

    the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created in 1949, it was a military alliance between US, Canada and 17 other Countries, it was largely designed to discourage an attack by the Soviet Union on the Non-Communist nations led by the US.
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    Conflicts between North and South Korea in 1950 led to war which killed 2.5 million people. it reached international proportions when the Soviet union supplied North korea and they attacked South korea.Many other countries such as U.S.A,, United Nations and China joined the efforts. ended june 27/1953.
  • Colombo Plan

    Colombo Plan
    the Colombo Plan was designed for Cooperative Economic and Social Development in Asia. It Began as a group of 7 commonwealth nations Australia, Britain, Canada, Ceylon, India, New Zealand and Pakistan, and now it is an international organization of 26 colonies.
  • Suez Canal Crisis

    Suez Canal Crisis
    Suez Canal in Egypt was and stil can be a major waterway, the problem remained that, during this period of time Egypt was being mistreated by Britain and Fracen supposed firending colonies to Egypt, how wanted the waterway to them selves.....needless to say tesnsions boiled over and Egypt seized control over the canal, and further more destroyed ships, and made a fee to cross
  • Hungarian revolution

    Hungarian revolution
    led by students the Hungarian revolution began, its goal was to demonstrate against the communist government that Hungary was currently under, and in 1956 the Hungarian governement and the people of Hungary felt it was time they try to liberize and soo then started the Hungarian revolution.
  • Bomarc missile crisis

    Bomarc missile crisis
    John Diefenbaker, following the NORAD agreement of 1957, deployed 56 American made Bomarc Missiles in Ontario and Quebec, however by 1960 the governenment wavered the installation of such weapons.
  • Congo Crisis

    Congo Crisis
    the Congo Crisis was a period of turmoil for the first republic of congo, which began with national independence of Belgium and ended with the seizing of power by Joseph Mobutu. the War resulted in deaths of over 100 000 people. also it led to the assasination of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba.
  • Berlin Wall Rise & Fall

    Berlin Wall Rise & Fall
    the Berlin wall was erected in the dead of night in order to keep East German from fleeing to the West. For 28 years it stood dividing the two parts of Germany until Nov.9/1989, when the people of East Germany tore the wall down in a celebration of the uniting of East and West germany.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    the cuban missile crisis was, the closest the world has ever come to nuclear warfare, where the United States armed forces and the Soviet field comanders in cuba were ready to go fourth in a proposed nucealr battle all over the protection of the island of Cuba however it was resolved by John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev
  • 1972 summit series

    1972 summit series
    (dated based on winning game) the summit series of 1972 or the september to remmeber as most people refer to it was a competition between canadian and russian hockey clubs, it was a best of 7 series which ended much like a storybook for Canadians because of the 28 of september the canadian club would prove victorious with the game winning goal coming from Paul Hendersonat 19:26 of the final period
  • US Star Wars

    US Star Wars
    Strategic Defence intitiative was a proposed system for the United States against potential Nuclear Attacks, orginally concieved by the Soviet Union. Because the system was desgined to be in space its name was dubbed star wars.
  • Los Angeles olympic boycott

    Los Angeles olympic boycott
    the Los Angeles boycotts began, because the Soviet union thought that its athletes would not be safe from protests and physical attacks, so in response they said that they would not compete, this caused 13 other communist countries to also not compete.Becuase of the refusals it caused the Americans to win 83 gold medals
  • Gorbachev revolution

    Gorbachev revolution
    Mikhail Gorbachev's revolution sparked because he blamed the U.S for unique post-cold war opportunities to bring new thinking problems of globalization, arms reduction and nuclear disarment.
  • Afghanistan 1980's

    Afghanistan 1980's
    throughout the 1980's, Afghanistan struggled with trying to westernize and urbanize, but at the same time wanted to still be tied into their traditional roots. Many attempts such as the Soviet style revolution which was designed to bring new oppurtunities to Afghanistan, however did not work and colony still today is fighting to change