Cameras titile

Cameras History

  • The Sutton Camera

    The Sutton Camera
    This was the first ever panoramic camera made.
  • Period: to

    The History of Cameras

  • The Pistol Graph

    The Pistol Graph
    This was used to take photos which were in black and white
  • Pocket Stereo Camera

    Pocket Stereo Camera
    The first pocket stereo camera was created
  • Underwater Camera

    Underwater Camera
    The first ever underwater camera was created
  • The Autochrome Lumiere

    The Autochrome Lumiere
    This was the first ever colour camera was created
  • Nikon

    This is a camera company that creates lots of cameras
  • Canon

    It is a camera company and it is very famous and successful
  • Kodak Digital Camera

    Kodak Digital Camera
    This was the first digital camera ever created
  • IPhone 4S

    IPhone 4S
    There are cameras in phones where you can take really HD pictures just like in this phone
  • 3D Digital Recording Binoculars

    3D Digital Recording Binoculars
    These cameras can zoom into things in 10x larger than its normal size