• The Camera Was Born

    The Camera Was Born
    1851 Frederick Scott Archer invented the Collodion process, i.e. Photography within a camera began.
  • Fredrick Scott Archer invented collodion process

    Fredrick Scott Archer invented collodion process
    images required only two or three seconds of light exposure
  • New Film

    New Film
    1884 Eastman invents flexible, paper-based photographic film
  • Kodak

    1888 Eastman patents Kodak roll-film camera.
  • Still Camera

    Still Camera
    1913/1914 First 35mm still camera developed
  • Polaroid

    1948 Edwin Land markets the Polaroid camera.
  • Digital image

    Digital image
    1990 Eastman Kodak announces Photo CD as a digital image storage medium.
  • Nikon D4

    Nikon D4
    Nikons newest camera, D4, takes pictures in landscape mode, portrait mode, and many other features