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  • I was born

  • I went to Dawan

  • Babtesem

  • First Birthday ever

    I had the best Birthday because i could walk and lerning to speek
  • I leraned to walk

  • Got a new dog named Harley

  • Started 3 year old kinder

  • Started 4 year old kinder

  • first dayof school

  • Vietnan

  • hoilday as a family

    hoilday as a family
  • New years eve

  • year 4 camp

    year 4 camp
    Best camp ever I have ever gorn on
  • Hoptime

    best hopthime ever
  • First Eucharist

  • Athlets Canival

    Athlets Canival
  • Period: to

    Started and finished 3 year old kinder

  • Period: to

    started and fineshed 4 year old kinder

  • Period: to

    year 4 camp

    i loveed going to soverren hill.